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#327635 Hints and Tips with Panasonic GH2 filming

Posted by 2ge on 11 March 2013 - 02:51 AM

Hi guys from Lembeh Strai in North Sulawesit, just came from Bunaken. So I am fully testing the camera, got few things:


- there is really problem to setup right white balance - is there any guide, how to set it up properly on GH2 ? Sometimes I want to take a shot from open sea, where is enough light and visibility is good, what I am doing is - manual white balance, choose 1, point at sand and shoot. WB changes, but it is greenish, not like on Canon camera I used to it. One have to use some white dive slate, or ? I really need proper white balance.

- I set up few modes (c1/c2/manual), so far I like it, with ISO bug, when I set ISO to 160 on C1, I hope it is OK iso, not higher...sometimes I got grain there, so...

- I am playing with Teleconverter /on/off, thats really fun, what are your findings on this ?

- I set up fn3 for turning on/off teleconverter (shooting small stuff)

- I got a little problem with stabilizing the camera, when shooting 2mm stuff, it is quite hard to not move it...it seems some underwater tripod would be great for that.



I am using hacked Flow Motion 2 I think, so far it works nice, but I got problem importing it to FCPX, but I am doing workaround, and that works so far. Anyway, it is really big step up from my Sanyo HD2000 what I got before...and when the sun comes underwater, oh yes...

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#324558 Hints and Tips with Panasonic GH2 filming

Posted by 2ge on 16 January 2013 - 05:41 AM

today I tried the camera underwater, we got terrible visibility (5-7 metres), no sun, so it was just test. Overall I am pleased with camera and controlling in port, everything is so easy. Setup lightning is quite tricky part, but it will go by time.I read discussion about focusing, very informative. With 7-14 lens I have to use biiig dome port, and I see you guys using custom made cover for yours acrylic domes, so I am looking around to made some, because sooner or later there will be scratches on the dome.

Also when checking videos, I see reflection from the text on the lens, I guess you are using black pen to cover it?

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

#319394 Choosing the light - Great video light with option to make good photos

Posted by 2ge on 29 October 2012 - 06:34 AM

ChrigelKarrer, thanks for info, and others too. In the end I decide to buy 2xL&M Sola 4000, one of the reason was safety in plane. I am also happy L&M advertise what they sell and I take this company as "big" brand name in business, Keldans are great for sure too, and FY Aquavolt also. It was hard decision, and as I wrote - I just bought L&M because of that safety lock, I am pretty sure, all of them are great.

So it is time to shoot something nice!