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Difference between XIT404 and Gorrila tripods

19 March 2013 - 07:36 PM



after my last trip in Bunaken and Lembeh I found out I need to stabilize my macro shots, so I am looking for tripod. I read couple of reviews and discussions and I can not decide, if I should buy Gorrila Tripod or XIT404 tripod. 


I like XIT404, because versatile legs, and it seems more steady, but it is soooo expensive - also I would like to know difference between XIT Ball adapter and Twist Kit. 


I got NA-GH2 Nauticam housing and like to shoot a video, so if somebody tried both and compare them, you are more than welcome to comment.



Snoot for video light Sola 4000

18 March 2013 - 08:58 PM

Hi guys,


I just come back from Lembeh, shoot some video footage on my new GH2 with +10 dio, I am quite impressed with that camera, too bad I can not use manual focus.


Now I check some other videos and it seems, I need to buy some tripod (for camera only) and make a snoot for lights. I was looking for some snoots for Sola 4000, but I can not find any, everything is DIY, which is also good, so one can use imaginations and skills. Do you have any tips, how to make good video adjustable snoot?


I would like to change easily position of light (using LOC I guess), but I would like to change also the amount of light area, and if I understand correctly  with fibre optics I can not do that (using for example this DIY http://www.divematri...ber-Optic-Snoot


I got 2+2 big nauticam arms on camera, so position Sola 4000 is quite OK, so in my mind comes some adjustable simple snoot using this technique: http://www.divephoto...ot-photography/ but adding adjust (somehow?) the length of the snoot.


Any tips are appreciated.

Hints and Tips with Panasonic GH2 filming

18 December 2012 - 11:07 PM

Hi guys,

soon I will go underwater with my new set-up:
Panasonic GH2 (hacked) with nauticam housing
Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lens, dome port, zoom gear
Panasonic 14-42 PZ, dome port, zoom gear
Diopter +10, lens holder
2xSola 4000

I got some questions on divers, who using Panasonic GH2 for filming and photo underwater:
1. How do you set up FN buttons?
2. Do you record on manual film mode - or which mode you are using?
3. Which hack you usually use (if any)

You can write any hints and tips for achieving best results. I am looking forward to make some nice videos and photos.


Choosing the light - Great video light with option to make good photos

13 October 2012 - 01:31 AM

Hi guys,

I decided to buy Panasonic GH2 with Nauticam Housing and now I am in process to select the right light for me. First of all - 80% of use of GH2 is for video, I just love to shoot video and make some clips . I like to make wide angle shots and also macro.

I came to videography from uw photography, so I also *love* to make some nice photos. I know, it is not possible to make both in 100%, but I just want to get as much as possible from my setup. So the question is:

Which video light you would choose, to make great videos and good photos ?

First of all, I know, I can not make perfect pictures using video light comparing to strobes (Z240/D2000/S2000). From all, what I read till now, the really great video lights are:

- Light and Motion Sola 4000
- FishEye Fix Aquavolt 3500 (thanks to Davide for nice review) - also they got 5000 version
- Keldan Luna 8 LA-V High CRI LED Video Light 2012 - quite expensive, very powerful
- SeaLife SL980 (I am putting it here only because they state it is video AND photo light)

The best would be to find the video light which got option for flash. Any recommendations ?


Panasonic GH2 setup

29 September 2012 - 11:18 AM

Hi guys,

I am going to upgrade my old cameras, I started with Ixus 860, followed by G11, I started to make some underwater shooting with Sanyo HD2000 until my case was recently broken. I was quite happy with Sanyo (for that price a lot of music, check uw videos here), currently G11 is also broken, so we can say, I am without camera now.

I really like to shoot video. I really like to make a pictures. What I don't like is to edit the footage and kill 1 day to make 5 minutes video, but thats another story.

After spent some days infront of computer I decide to buy Panasonic GH2, it seems like the best option for me, if somebody got any other idea for camera, you are welcome. You may ask for budget...let say, budget would be around 3000 USD or even more.

So, let's say, I choose a camera Panasonic GH2. It comes with two different lenses, I guess it is "better" to buy more expensive ones, of course I want to shoot some photos on the land also.

Underwater housing - Nauticam or 10bar? Is 10bar so much worse (what about dome availability?), I should choose Nauticam?

Lenses - which lenses do you suggest? I saw some really wide footage, which was too wide, I didn't like it much, for me, it was quite nice, what I did with my wet macro lens DC-20, it can be a little bit more wide. Also I like to make a macro photo/video, so I would need some macro too. I guess 45 macro and 7-14mm would be good start

Lights - my friend got Inon Z240, it is amazing light. The question is, is this kind of light suitable for my needs ? I want to shoot video in first, photos come after. Do you know some good video lights, which can serve also as good photo light ? Or I can buy 2 lights, one better for photo, another one better for video ? Please suggest.

I am sorry, if some of my questions doesn't make much sense, I am completely new to m43/dslr so please bear with me.