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In Topic: Competition Image Upload

11 May 2009 - 04:33 AM

Hi -I'm trying to enter a pic for pic of the week and I can't find how to upload a picture anywhere even though it says I'm logged in and can enter and vote ?

What am I doing wrong ?

oh Scrub that question - I just realised entries have closed ! Doh!

In Topic: Steve Drogin, underwater adventurer, passes away on April 14, 2009

11 May 2009 - 01:09 AM

I just joined this site due to a recently renewed interest in underwater photography and shockingly found this thread.

This is very sad, around 12 years ago I was working with my wife Lucy in the Marshall Islands helping to setup the dive operation on Bikini. In the opening year we had all the great underwater photographers come through including Jim Watt and Steve Drogin and we became friends with them, seeing them at DEMA and on their return trips to Bikini.

On our return to the UK we kind of lost contact with our diving acquaintances until we got a call out of the blue from Steve who was in London and invited us out to dinner at one of the best Sushi places in town - Nobu. We had a great evening with Steve in London, hearing of his adventures, remembering past trips and finding out some of the joint connections we both had with people we'd met around the world. He also wouldn't let us pay for dinner, which still to this day is probably the best meal we've ever had !!

Its really sad that both Jim Watt and Steve have left us in the past few years. They were both amazing photographers and great people. Very sad but a true example of living life to the full....

Matt Harris