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15 May 2009 - 04:48 PM

I'm Jennifer with www.PlanYourDive.com. We started as a dive planning site as a way to connect the community and help keep new divers going. The planning part has taken off quite nicely up here in the Pacific Northwest with instructors & dive clubs.We've added tide, shop and diver info to help out of towners find local stuff in our area too.

May 15th - June 15th we're having our first photo contest and are hoping to get some nice entries. I couldn't find a place specifically for contest posting, except for the winners, so thought I'd ask here first.

From what I can see this is a great forum. I belong to Open Source Photo (my work is above water) but look forward to coming back when I shoot underwater.
Would love to hear your thoughts on posting with in the forums about our photo contest.

Thanks much!