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FS: Nauticam Nikon D800 housing - modified for D810

31 October 2017 - 05:51 AM

For sale is a used Nauticam Nikon D800 housing (1st series, without vacuum electronics as standard), which was modified by Nauticam UK for the D810 (changed parts are included , a remodification for D800 should also be possible). The only buttons, which will not work with D810 (because they where either not there at D800 or at another position) are bracket button an I-button (please do not mix with Info-button - this one works). I have bought this housing in used condition a year ago, so I don't know the age. The housing is technically fully ok and sealed (no flooding) - a month ago I mad a full revision / service at Nauticam (invoice included). Since then only 12 dives in the Red Sea. At the bottom the black color is vanished as a reaction of standing the housing on the bottom (e.g. on boat). I sometimes paint it a little bit, but left it now for a realistic picture. At some orders, too, I put a little bit paint on.


Since last year I changed the handles and included the vacuum electronics. I attached now for sale a vacuum valve with N5 cable which I never used (I had a single valve, which I keep). I include a uw-technics TTL electronics, which I used most of the time with my S&S YS-D2 (please look on uwtechnics website for further info, also sold by Nauticam itself). The LCD window on the back was replaced during revision too.

Furthermore I include the vacuum pump, set of screws, Nauticam grease, spare o-ring, Allen keys, spare batteries and the N5 cables (never in use and no experience!)
Attention: camera and ports NOT included!
2100 Euro

Sigma 15 FE & Nauticam D800 .... when Teleconverter?

08 September 2017 - 10:50 AM

I ask myself for which kind of pictures I use fisheye without and when with 1.4 Kenko Teleconverter?

D810 and shutter speed

13 August 2017 - 03:34 AM

I read always, that on surface the D810 has a problems with by normal shutter speeds, and the new 1/125 should be 1/200 to avoid receiving no sharpness.

While diving with my D810 in Nauticam / Zen 170 and Sigma Fisheye I havent identified this effect when using 1/125 shuter speed......can this be an effect from flash? Is the flash speed maybe freezing the picture?

Best regards! Sascha

Flash duration?

13 August 2017 - 03:26 AM

I have questions for the Pros:

- how long takes a flash ignition normally?
- I read in the web different meanings about the power of flashes: on one side it is stated, that a flash ignits always with the same power when using different power levels, it just differs, how long the flash ignits. On the other side it is stated, that the the power is modified and not the time....whats correct?Whats the best book orwebsite to learn more about flashes UW.....in use with ambient light?

Best regards, Sascha

Nauticam Port O-Ring for Zen 170?

11 August 2017 - 02:10 AM


I want to replace the blue o-ring of my Zen DP170 which I ise with Nauticam D800 housing. Can I use the grey Nauticam 120 o-ring as replacement?

Regards, Sascha