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Brazilian diving... Luiz, Marcelo, anyone?

16 June 2005 - 08:42 AM

Hi all,

I just learned that I am going to Brazil for a month and a half for work. Rio nonetheless! I know what a terrible, terrible thing... :P But since I am very short on time before I go (this Sunday), I would like some input from our members (brazilian and non) on what the best dives in Noronha are? (that's if I actually can get enough $ to go there ;) ) What other good diving places exist near Rio de Janeiro? And of course any other suggestion of nice non-diving places to visit around Rio. I can't go all the way down to Pantanal due to time constraints, but maybe somewhere in the surroundings from Rio?

Muito Obrigado,

Where to stay in Roatan?

22 July 2004 - 08:05 PM

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are making a trip to Honduras (La Ceiba) for a friend's wedding, and since Roatan is very near, we decided to make a week long trip there. This is a last minute addition to our trip and we are planning on getting there next tuesday :shock:. I am incredibly happy to test my new D70/Ikelite/2 DS-125 setup and she's incredibly happy to dive and pose for me! :)

Our main concern now is to get a hotel with a good dive operation that caters UWPhotographers (have boats w/ space for equipment and tanks for rinsing, etc.), and a hotel that has AC, since my wife really gets eaten by those sand flies and when there's AC they don't seem to bether her so much.

Excluding AKR (which costs about $1000pp for acommodations per week!!) Cocoview and Fantasy Island seem to be the best hotels with the the best deals that we can get (around $650pp for FI and $700pp for Coco).

I was wondering if I could get any recommendation for any of these hotels from people that have been tp Roatan? I need help so I would appreciate any bit of info you could give me. Also, if you know of any better deal or where to get better prices in Roatan please let me know.