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In Topic: Nauticam vacuum system battery life?

03 December 2017 - 12:08 PM

I second rollin. My first 2032 was still going strong after a year with 40-50 dives, using it like you said - sealed up and left on all day. I changed it after a year because I was getting nervous, not because the battery low indicator was flashing...

In Topic: Puffer from Sea of Cortez

24 November 2017 - 11:55 AM

Sphoeroides lispus (Naked puffer)?


Does the size and depth match this?




The tail fin marking looks pretty distinctive. Can't be sure, but I found some other pics of S. lispus with similar tail fins.

In Topic: Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

23 November 2017 - 06:32 AM

Just for anyone who might be interested - the Olympus 30mm macro is on sale today at B&H for $99US, free expedited shipping (US). At that price, I had to pick one up. Now, to try and find a deal or a used shorter port...

OH, and the 60mm is $299. I don't have any B&H affiliation - I've just been watching m43 lens prices for a long time now.

In Topic: Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

09 November 2017 - 05:43 PM

Yes.... is this one... the same 20mm ring that i use with the 4.33 dome and the oly 8mm.....  with this extension and the macro port 45 you can accomodate the two 30mm  and the 60mm.... but mind me... the oly 30mm its slighty shorter than the panny.... the panny is closer to the port glass... ;-)    one of the pros of both 30mm its minimum focus distance... you can get closer to the subject when the viz is bad... less water-less dirt.... i hope to be clear with my spaghetti english... :-P 


if you like it i can post some shot with both lenses.... ;-)




E' perfetto! Grazie mille!

That's about it for my italian. If you want to post some shots, please do.

In Topic: Shooting Experience - Oly 30mm vs. 60mm Macro Lenses

09 November 2017 - 09:26 AM

The difference in price is a lot closer here, the Pany being only $A40 more.  The place I looked had it for $A398, exact same as BHphoto  but in $US!  There was also a positive report on the OLY 30mm by Phil Rudin in UWP98 he mentions with Macro port 45 the subject is about 1 cm from port glass at 1.25:1.  Unfortunately UWP99 is out so UWP98 is no longer free.    I wouldn't pay the asking price for the 45mm lens.


So it seems 1.25:1 is a little difficult to use, the Pany achieves 1:1 at about 10.5 cm which is 1cm more working distance than the OLY, so about 2cm working distance at 1:1 on both lenses.  In comparison, my  60mm macro has estimated 60-70mm working distance at 1:1.

I'll go back to UWP98 and look for that article - thanks! I often don't get around to reading the entire UWP issues, but I do archive them for just this reason.