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In Topic: Shrimp ID?

16 October 2017 - 10:00 AM

ID'ing shrimp can be tough, for sure.


But the defining characteristic of Ancylomenes magnificus is all white claw arms with purple tips that curve inward. They also have a white spot on the "hump" section of the back, but that's not unique. These characteristics are why I chose Ancylomenes magnificus for the OP. This ID also applies to the second picture posted by sinetwo, above.

In Topic: Shrimp ID?

15 October 2017 - 11:25 AM

Ancylomenes magnificus?
Magnificent anemone shrimp, I think

In Topic: Switching to a Mirrorless

10 October 2017 - 05:20 AM

This will probably be a long conversation, but I think a couple initial questions might help you get better advice.


Are you set on buying new gear or is used OK?

Are you interested in stills, video, 50/50?

Macro, Wide-Angle, 50/50?

Do you have a system preference, like Ikelite or Nauticam?

Do you have any gear you think you can re-use, like strobes, arms, trays, etc?


The list on the A7 II is $1600 and the cheapest housing (Ikelite) lists for $1500. Other housings are more in the $2500 range. So if 2k is a strict limit, then I'd say the A7 II is out. Even is used is OK and you figure 50% price reduction, you're still looking at close to 2k with no ports or lenses.


If I was getting into mirrorless right now with a 2k budget for everything, I would look at the slightly older Olympus/Panasonic models, like the EM1, EM5, GH4. I've seen some really good deals on used equipment of this vintage - complete setups for about $1500. These models all have 16.1MP sensors, so it's still a step up from the D90, They also generally have 1080p video of varying capabilities. You can save money with an Olympus housing vs. other brands, but that does limit you somewhat. If you'd prefer to stay with Sony, then possibly something in the used A6300 range or even the NEX-7. 


Honestly it will be impossible to come in under 2k for a complete new setup (camera, housing, lenses, ports, strobes, trays/arms) but I do think it might be possible if you carefully shop the used markets. Wetpixel, SB, FB, Ebay all have used u/w camera gear. There are a lot of people upgrading in mirrorless now, since fancy new models have been introduced (EM1MKII, GH5, A7RII, etc.)


If you do end up in the Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3's realm, there are a couple lenses I can heartily recommend - Olympus 60mm 2.8 Macro and the Panasonic 8mm 3.5 Fisheye. These can be had on the used market pretty reasonably and can be housed for less money than some alternatives. There are fanicer options, but not for the budget conscious.

In Topic: Critters from Lembeh

01 August 2017 - 01:26 PM

There are a LOT of critters to make an easy-to-view catalog, but you might find something like this, which is a subjective best-of-macro list, helpful:




In Topic: OMD EM5 MK2 & Sea&Sea YS d1/2 PROBLEMS???

01 June 2017 - 08:44 AM

One thing that is at least worth trying is to cycle through the Flash Modes menu and see if any particular Flash Mode might address the problem. Note that the available Flash Modes will be determined by the shooting mode.