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Kaua'i & First 10-17

05 September 2014 - 01:14 PM

I've finished working on the underwater pictures from my Kaua'i trip this past July. This was not a dive trip, but rather a trip on which I tried to do as much diving as the schedule would allow. I prefer shore diving, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to do the Ni'ihau trip. It was worth being violently sick for 2.5 hours coming back. There were many species that were firsts for me, which is exciting. 
This was only my fourth trip shooting with a DSLR, and my first trip where I got to try the Tokina 10-17 & 2 strobes. I learned a lot - mostly that strobe positioning is much more difficult with wide angle. Even though I read about all the theory, there's nothing like getting out and practicing. And I need a lot more practice! Despite lots of terrible backscatter, there are at least a few WA shots that turned out OK. Diving with the highly endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal was a highlight, for sure.
Kauai Underwater Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2Y6afz
Enjoy (I know I did)
Equipment: Canon 550d, 60mm Macro lens, Tokina 10-17 lens, Sea & Sea RDX-550d Housing, 1x YS-110a & 1x YS-D1 strobes

Final IDs from Kauai (frog, dragon, drupe)

01 September 2014 - 05:21 PM

A little confirmation from my recent trip to Kauai before I post to Flickr. I've gone as far as I can with my Hoover books and Keoki Stender's website.



Sheraton Caverns dive site, 10m deep, ~15-20cm in length

I have: Warty Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus) but Warty is supposedly not common in Hawaii??



Pyramid at the Point dive site (Niihau/Lehua), 20m deep, ~5cm in length

Pretty sure the shell on the left is Textile Cone Shell (Conus textile) but the snail on the right - some kind of Drupe??



Tunnels Shore Dive site, 2-3m deep in sand, ~2-3cm in length

I have Female Longtail Dragonet (Callionymus decoratus). Not sure. I only have this butt-shot, sadly


Thanks for any input

YS-D1 Cutoff Issue

25 July 2014 - 06:25 AM

Hi Experts,


I recently got back from a trip to Kaua'i. I had a bunch of new (well, used but new to me) gear including a Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe. Unfortunately, my plans for a closer, less exotic trip to practice with the new equipment got scrapped so I had to practice while in Kaua'i. In short, in many of my shots the strobe coverage was cut off for 1/4 to 1/2 of the exposure. It's a very artificial cutoff - I'm sure my strobe positioning was not good for all shots, but this seems like something different. The problem did not happen with all shots, only some. I couldn't identify what conditions were causing it for some shots and not others. Distance to subject and relative strobe position seemed to have some influence but I couldn't pin it down. I saw it in portrait and landscape shots. I usually shoot macro with the strobe above the housing, but I also saw it with the strobe moved to the left of the housing.


Equipment used during issue:

Canon 550d, Canon 60mm Macro Lens, Sea & Sea RDX-550d Housing, Sea & Sea RDX Standard Port, Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe (1)


I have previously shot with a single YS-110a strobe and did not have this issue. When I shot with the YS-110a, I always used the diffuser. I also used the Diffuser 100 with the YS-D1 and I'm wondering if this is the issue. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this theory until the very last 15 minutes of my last dive, so I didn't have time to really verify if removing the diffuser made the issue go away.


Examples attached:

d1issue1 - more than half cutoff

d1issue2 - portrait example

d1issue3 - 10% cutoff, but still present


Thoughts? Thanks.

Mixed Sea & Sea Strobes

06 March 2014 - 08:43 AM

I've been shooting with a Canon 550d in a Sea & Sea RDX-550d housing. Up until now, I've been doing mostly macro using a single Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe. I'm now cobbling together a used setup so I can shoot the Tokina 10-17 as well. If I can find one at a reasonable price, I'd like to add a second strobe, preferably a Sea & Sea YS-D1. Will there be any issues with this mixed strobe setup? As far as I can interpret the Sea & Sea charts, it should all work. I sometimes shoot in manual, but I often rely on TTL and would like for that to continue to work. The housing has 2 FO ports, so that part should be easy.




(and if you need to get rid of a YS-D1 for any reason, just let me know...)