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Lots of Oly SP-350 gear! cameras/housings/H&W ttl/strobes/cords/trays/etc.

Yesterday, 11:54 PM

Hey everyone! I have some Olympus gear here that might appeal to the budget conscious beginner U/W photographer...


If you are looking at this, you probably already know about the legendary Olympus SP-350 (was Cathy Church's go to rental and teaching U/W camera until the PEN cameras came along).


So let's just say that this is a very capable starter with RAW mode (supported by the last 3 versions of Photoshop) , full manual control, and lots of upgrade possibilities! (for those who don't know about it, just go do some internet research and you'll find out what we're talking about).


I've been teaching Basic U/W Photography for a few years and these are cameras that I carefully selected to use for loaners and some for sale (see my prior posts on this camera), and some of these were cameras that we used on trips (so easy to lug around in your dive bag). But I'm moving on and time to see these go to a good home for a newbie who'd like something they can afford but also is quality they can use and build on - or even those who still love and use this setup (it is way cool)




A - Oly SP-350 in Ikelite housing with TTL interface and AD lens mount with flash hide + dual handle tray with standing base = $350
B - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing with Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface (and TTL cord) on Sea&Sea tray + Fantasea dome port + YS90 AutoTTL strobe = $550
B2 - extra Sea&Sea arm for dual strobe setup = $20
C - Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro TTL strobe (extra battery pack and charger avail.) = $225
D - Oly SP-350 w Oly housing + Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface and TTL cord + tray with AD mount + Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro TTL strobe (manual only) = $525
E - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing + tray with AD mount + Inon ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle lens (UWL105AD) and optical flash mount = $400
F - Sea&Sea Dual strobe TTL cable (can be combined with H&W digital converter to convert YS-350's to fire via internal flash) = $150
G - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125
H - Sea&Sea TTL cable with H&W digital converter to convert non digital strobe to fire via camera's internal flash
I - Inon tray mount for AD lens
J - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125
K - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125
L - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125
M - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing with Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface (and TTL cord) = $275
N - Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro TTL strobe (extra battery pack and charger avail.) = $225
O - Ikelite single handle tray = $30
P - spare Olympus SP-350 = $60


All prices are OBO and I will mix-n-match (quote) any combination or setup you'd like. Prices do not include shipping (but I'll work with you on that depending on what you want and what price you want it at). Cameras do not include batteries, chargers or memory card (but I have extras I might include - or ask) and I have most original boxes, manuals accessories, etc. (as long as you'll pay the added shipping cost). NOTHING HERE HAS EVEN BEEN FLOODED - every item here is in very good to like new condition and 100% functional.


Bottom-line: I want to move this and I really want to see this stuff go to a good home. So tell me you story and move me to accept your offers.

I have 100% perfect reputation with ebay (score of 574 ID = coach*jim since 2000) and on every forum I’ve ever sold anything (and typically I get feedback that notes condition is even better than I described). But I always will listen to any complaints you might have if this is not what you expected upon inspection/testing. Even if you change your mind, I’m happy to refund everything except shipping as long as it’s returned back to me in same condition and all original materials.

Fisheye Fix UWL-04 ultra wide (weitwinkel) Angle lens

19 July 2014 - 07:45 PM

I have for sale a Fisheye Fix UWL-04 ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens.


With 67mm to 58mm step down ring, neoprene dome cover, and extra dome (small scratch).  New dome has never been in the water.


Asking $300 for everything incl. shipping to ConUS.

Canon HF200 HD video cam + WP-V1 housing + Fisheye Fix WAL-04 + lighting

12 July 2014 - 12:18 PM

I have an Canon HF200 HD video minicam with housing + Fisheye Fix WAL-04 ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle lens with dome port + Big Blue lighting for sale. Really excellent condition.


Since I can't seem to cut-n-paste here, I'm providing a link to the details (over on Scubaboard). Hopefully I'm not violating any TOS here...







Asking $1300 (OBO). Email me at jimhelmuth@gmail.com if interested...

Ikelite Housing for Canon 5D Mk II + 8 Dome w/ short and long ports + gear rings +

12 July 2014 - 11:44 AM

I have an Ikelite Housing for the Canon 5D Mk II complete with 2 ports, Dome, accessories, etc. for sale. Really nice condition (well cared for). I can't seem to copy any text here (and don't want to have to re-type it all) so I'll provide a ink for details (over on Scubaboard).  I hope this doesn't violate the TOS so excuse me if I misunderstood the TOS.






Asking $1050 for everything (OBO).   Please email me if you are interested jimhelmuth@gmail.com

WTB: Dead YS-350 Pro Battery Packs

24 February 2014 - 07:46 AM

I'm in need of some dead battery packs for the Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro strobes.  Essentially, I want them for parts to re-build them for my strobes. If you have any that you'd be willing to part with for a fair price, please let me know. I might be interested in the AC charger pack too (but really am only looking for the battery packs at this time).