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In Topic: need Help/info with Focus Lights (with or without Auto off ? ) and best place...

11 September 2012 - 02:07 PM

HI All

Thanks for the Input so Far - however seem to be getting off Topic , as seems to be a Sola's recommendation topic now (i am sure thats the best light there)
But the Sola's does not have the Auto - Off feature ? Does it ?

I was asking about the differences and pro's and Cons about the Auto off feature on Focus lights ?
and does anyone know of which makes and models have them (apart from the small Fix and big blue) ?
And what is the best Mounting Place and why - just trying to understand why I do these things as well as just doing them .??

Bill - thanks for input , can do up to 100 night dives a year (but when as a working ! I am instructor I almost never take a camera just students) so normally carrying my Hartenberger umbilical and several back ups for myself and everyone) - And as i have Video lights already , will not use for video and Olympus e620 does not have video function also, so will be really only mainly for day dives.

Anyway Thanks for all suggestions guys all useful.

In Topic: need Help/info with Focus Lights (with or without Auto off ? ) and best place...

10 September 2012 - 06:34 PM

Thanks for all the advice so far Bill and Jack
Sounds like the Sola is a great light and one of the best ones to go for I would love to Splash on one , but don't think i can justify such a expensive light at the moment, But will go on the list when i can.

In Topic: need Help/info with Focus Lights (with or without Auto off ? ) and best place...

09 September 2012 - 04:19 AM

Hi Jim

Wow thats great - thanks for the Info yes your thoughts are spot on and have looked at most stuff you suggested already .
interesting about Big blue - say somewhere were very big - and different model..

I actually have a Olympus E-620 in Olympus Housing with 2 Inon s-2000 strobes - I love Olympus Underwater (had before Olympus c-765 before upgrading couple years ago) but find the E-620 takes a while to focus and really does not like low light (whatever lens I have).
tried using the Fisheye Fix next to the strobes but that didn't work and recently made mounts for Hot shoe mount with bit of loc-line (DIY everything) - but think those just not bright enough. - just wondering if was Angle/position or not bright enough for me ? (think answer was both)

I have read alot about the Sola's but seen many people have a Problem with the red showing through and as no auto shut off sometimes over exposed and shadows in wrong place . I also to be honest not a fan of Light and Motion stuff , to many electronics and seen many Customers (I am Instructor) have a problem with there electronics and cannot get serviced quickly or easily - I like Basic things , if a torch floods, i like that I can clean new batteries, maybe new bulb and fix again. - and to be honest they are too Expensive, just basically a aluminium tube battery and led's. Would not mindpaying $400/$500 for a focus light/torch if would use it for other stuff But being a Instructor for years I have so many torches and even old HID niterider video lights don't really want to spend so much again..

Anyone know of a DIY project/plans to make a Focus light with auto shut off ?
maybe can make one with few white , red and blue LEDS and cut out and shove in old torch ??

Thanks for Info Jim