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need Help/info with Focus Lights (with or without Auto off ? ) and best placement

09 September 2012 - 12:01 AM


I am looking at getting a new Focus light as have cheap Fisheye fix and not always good enough- have read loads but cannot seem to find specific info up to date 2012
I like the Idea of the Auto off feature as I have read alot that those without can change shadows and not give you so much control over the light also can over expose your pictures .

So can anyone let me know the Pro's and Cons with the Auto off lights or non auto off lights .

Does anyone know or can list what Auto off lights there are in the market (i know Big blue, fisheye fix / fantasia 44) ARE there any other good ones available ?? let me know so i can have a look would be great (google auto off focus lights didn't really help)

I like the sound of the La Luz 800 light - does anyone know if thats auto off - as does not mention anywhere.

Last is where is the Best location for a Focus light , I make my own mounts from thin sheet Aluminium (- point being can locate anywhere pretty much next to strobe/hotshoe or somewhere else,
But where is the Best/optimal place for a Focus light and if on the hotshot mount how high above should it be ?

Thanks All