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#343641 Where/how do you stow the neoprene dome cover?

Posted by scorpio_fish on 21 February 2014 - 07:33 AM

Just stick inside your neck seal.  That way you never forget where you put it.   :dancing:


Put a little hole in the cover and tie string through it and attach to something close by where it won't get in the way, e.g. strobe arm.

#337196 Nikonos reborn

Posted by scorpio_fish on 19 September 2013 - 05:56 AM

I wonder if it floods as regularly as Nikonoses did?


It helps that you don't have to open it up after 24 or 36 shots.

#328994 does anyone have a check list of all the 'stuff'

Posted by scorpio_fish on 02 April 2013 - 08:22 AM

Yes, but the items you list are not separate.   They are just part of the "tool kit" on the list.  The kit has been around for a long time, so I don't need to list each item in the kit.   I just have to remember to replenish and pack it.


I have a spreadsheet that itemizes each packable unit of camera gear (one photo, one video).  Each one has a weight.   For each trip, I make a new sheet and copy the list to it.   I then delete anything I decide not to take, e.g. strobes for whale snorkeling trip.   I then assign it to a column representing the bag it will be packed in.   When I get done, I have check list that I can use and know where every thing is when I unpack and the weight of each bag.


I still forget stuff.


My most recent trip had 42 items on the list for my carry-on luggage in total.   I had 11 items totaling 19 lbs. packed in a shooter's vest, which went into the roller which had 17 more lbs. of gear.   The remainder of the items went into a backpack, which weighed 16 lbs. if I took the camera bodies out and hung them around my neck.


I have a separate list for all dive gear and another list for other items, e.g. clothing, first aid kit.


I still forgot the insect repellent.  I really do need sublists so I remember to replenish consumables, e.g. dive computer batteries.


I print a hard copy of everything I packed.   I forget to pack the lists.  I also keep the file stored in the cloud because me forgetting to pack the printed lists would surprise no one.