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Amphibico/Aquatica Black Magic PCC houising - does it exist?

14 January 2015 - 10:34 AM

I read the announcement, but never saw the finished product.   Did a production run actually make it to the market?   If so, how many are out there?   Wouldn't mind having one if I can find one.   Wondering what ports it uses.


Thanks for any info.


Restaurant drops shark from the menu

26 August 2014 - 07:48 AM

While out and about in Dallas, we stopped for lunch at The Porch.   http://www.theporchrestaurant.com/   It's an excellent restaurant with tasty indulgent menu items.   I happened to notice that the specials board had "Grilled Black Tip Shark".   As one might expect, this bugged the heck out me.   This morning I remembered this event and I went to their website and emailed the managing partner.  I provided links to Shark Angels and to Shawn Heinrich's web page showing the devastation caused by shark finning.  


About an hour after I got to work, I received a call from Justin Beam, the general manager.   He said he and the executive chef discussed the matter and had looked at the links.   He said they would pull the menu item immediately and never offer shark again.  I thanked him.   I wanted to share the positive experience.   


Granted, this restaurant is part of the Consilient Restaurant group, which focuses on local farm to table type restaurants.  Anyway, we now have two more people on our side. 


BTW, the restaurant group consists of some pretty good eateries:



Fireside Pies

Victor Tangos

AF+B (Ft. Worth)


If you are in the Dallas area, they are worthy of your business.