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new 50,000 lumen video light - enough to replace strobes?

12 March 2014 - 08:29 AM

Just noticed that Edge has released a new 50,000 lumen light, which, importantly, has a strobe setting.  Price aside, I'm wondering if two of these could feasibly replace my strobes for still photos.  Given the results I saw on an earlier thread testing 2x 19,000 lights (i.e., 38,000 total lumens) in strobe mode, it seems that two of these with a 100,000 lumen combined output would do the trick.





Galapagos 2013 Pictures

28 January 2014 - 08:15 AM

We had a fantastic trip to the Galapagos; truly the most spectacular big animal diving I've ever experienced.  Here are a few selections.  












Is there a place for Instagram-esque post processing in UW photography?

19 January 2014 - 07:54 AM

I'm curious what people think.  My personal view had been that Instagram degrades photos in a way that can admittedly look cool on very small screens (e.g., an iPhone), but in the end, was not something that was viable for "real" photography.


However, I recently purchased the Nik Collection of PS plug-ins.  There are many professional photographers that I admire (e.g., Tony Wu) who are big proponents of Nik.  Some of the filters in the Nik Collection, especially in Color Efex, reminded me a bit of Instagram.  I started playing with them and begrudgingly admit they are kinda fun, and I like some of the results, even if they aren't exactly "realistic."  Here's one sample of a photo I ran through the Detail Extractor in Color Efex (to bring out the texture in the water surface), and then a Sepia preset in Silver Efex.  It is a bit hyper-stylized, but I think I kinda like it, in a guilty-pleasure kind of way. 


So what do people think?  Is this type of Instagram-esque post-processing cheesy?  Or is it a viable way to add some variety to our UW photos?   I have thick skin -- its OK if the consensus hates this picture and everything like it.  I'm more just curious what people think on this topic.






For Sale -- Two iTorch Pro 6 video lights

20 December 2013 - 04:23 PM

I'm selling two iTorch Pro 6 video lights for $525 each, shipping within the US included.  These are in great condition and include the original packaging.  I purchased the lights last month and only used them on one dive trip (where I shot still photos half the time, and video the other half).  I'd estimate they have only been used on 12-15 dives.  I am selling because I want to purchase the iTorch Pro 7s, which weren't available in time for my last trip.  Pictures available on request.

Edge Mini Wasp v. 2 FIT 2400 or i-Torch Pro 6

25 October 2013 - 08:02 AM

I'm looking into a video light that I can use with my GoPro and also integrate into my Aquatica 7D rig.  I've narrowed it down to the Mini Wasp v. 2x FIT 2400 (or i-Torch Pro 6, but  for now I'm thinking of these as basically interchangeable).  


Link to the Wasp info, since it seems this is the lesser known option: http://www.edgedivet...m/miniwasp.html


I'm leaning towards the Wasp based on my needs.  Here are the pros and cons I've considered.


In favor of Mini Wasp:

- fully adjustable knob for 1-100% (this is a big one for me, the ability to leave a light "off" at 1% then crank it up quickly with one twist to film means using it all day on one charge is much more realistic; I don't see myself fiddling with multiple button pushes on both lights every time I want to start recording with the FIT/iTorch, so realistically I'm recharging all the time between dives)

- slightly less expensive 

- super-high build quality

- more even spread (or so I'm told)

- seems easier to integrate into my DSLR setup with strobes (e.g., centered over the housing, as opposed to having a video light and strobe on each arm)

- OLED display give battery life percentage


In favor of 2x FIT/iTorch

- higher lumen output (although the wider spread means the difference isn't as drastic, and I'm told the intensity drops off towards the edge more in these)

- smaller and lighter

- dual use as spot light (FIT)


Am I missing anything?  Thoughts on which of these best suits my needs?  Thanks in advance!