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#337259 DIY LCD magnifier - optics question

Posted by ProfF on 21 September 2013 - 02:19 AM



With the advances of age, my near sight is going down. I realized recently that I shoot underwater with arms fully extended, otherwise I don't see the LCD in focus :-(  While this extends my reach, it does not help the quality of the shooting. 

Nauticam recently came out with an LCD magnifier that has diopter adjustment (which presumably can solve my problems) -- see http://wetpixel.com/...r-and-sunscreen


However, my housing model (NA-EPL3) is not supported for this magnifier, and as far as I can tell it would clash with some of the control buttons that are on the screen periphery (in the newer housing models they moved these further from the screen).

I am thinking of building a DIY version. Designing a shell that fits the screen and button layout was easy (and I plan to print one).




The question what type of glass to put on the viewing end (right now the top holds a 55-52mm stepdown ring (in light gray), that allows me to put in 52mm filters. One option is to use standard close-up filter (say +10). However, I am not sure how well this will perform underwater and it definitely would not be adjustable.


Any suggestions on a better mechanism? 






#323805 Print-it-yourself diopter "flip" holder

Posted by ProfF on 04 January 2013 - 09:08 AM

I have a Nauticam housing for my Olympus E-PL3. Recently, I have been mainly using a 4" wide-angle port, as it fits both the 12-50mm (multipurpose) and the 60mm (macro!) lenses as well as the 9-18mm (wide-angle) lens I originally bought it for. When using it with these newer lens, I wanted to add wet diopter. Recently, Nauticam came out with a product for this purpose (http://uw-foto.ch/im...ages/2484_1.jpg) , but I felt that shelling 220$ was a bit too much. Designing & printing my own solution was much more fun.

The final product is completely made of ABS, except for a single 72-67 step-down ring that provided the filter thread. Unlike the commercial solution, the "base" is not held by screws, but rather by a twist mechanism that locks it into place. It is slightly bulkier than the metal version, but works well. The ABS construction was surprisingly solid, and unlike the metal flip ring (which is heavy) this gadget has slightly positive buoyancy. All by all, after about 12 dives with it I am very happy.

The design can be found here - 67mm frame holder for Nauticam 4 inch wide angle port by nirfriedman - Thingiverse

If there is interest I can also upload it to shapeways and then you could order the printed version directly.

Happy Diving,


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#323551 Favourite Image Of 2012

Posted by ProfF on 31 December 2012 - 11:37 AM

This year was good, not stellar. I spent more time thinking about my equipment than actually using it :-(

Two favorite pictures, one for its esthetics and the other for capturing an amazing moment.

Happy New Year!


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