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10 January 2016 - 07:41 PM


I can't see any info on this- I think this is an important factor in choosing an u/w camera body. The Nikon info talks about eye point, but I don't think that means the viewfinder size.

Here is what I gathered from the web:


D2x viewfinder: 19.9mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.86x.

D4 viewfinder: 18mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x.

D810 viewfinder: 17mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x.

D610 viewfinder: 21mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x.

D300s viewfinder: 19.5mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.94x.


D500 viewfinder: 16mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 1.00x.


The lower the eyepoint, the closer you have to put your eye to the viewfinder to see it fully. The way I see it, the D500 viewfinder will be very similar to the D300s (note that FX cameras have lower magnification, hence the 0.7x, vs close to 1.0 in DX): you will need to look 3mm closer than what you would in a D300s to get a 100% view, but you will get higher magnification, which is good (and is higher than the D2x too). As far as actual viewfinder size, a good photoshopper could probably make a side-by-side or overlay of the D500 with other cameras for us to compare. Any takers? 

In Topic: Nikon D500

07 January 2016 - 08:53 PM

Have you guys seen any samples yet?

In Topic: Nikon D500

05 January 2016 - 01:05 PM

Some more detail (and many shots) of it here:




Pretty sure it will require brand new housings, but it looks like a grat choice for underwater use.