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Problem with Nauticam 7D housing piano key

22 August 2010 - 06:26 PM

It seems that Nauticam 550D housing is likely plaqued with a manufacturing/design defect with the rocker button based on these two separate accounts.

I think it's a great idea to compile a list of the housing manufacturers and their warranty policy. It would also be even better if we could compile of known defects in current housings as I realise not all housings even for the same model and from the same manufacturing run are equal. This would help new buyers to look out for any specific faults.

I experienced at a similar problem with my Nauticam 7D housing when I got it in April. The bottom piano key jammed in the depressed position and I was unable release it without opening the housing and pressing the key from the inside. This happened on my first dive on a week long dive trip. The bottom piano key activates the 'set' button was quite quite a crucial button and needless to say it marred my week long trip. The response from Nauticam Hong Kong was less than satisfactory. I had nothing to complain about my local dealer who provided prompt updates of the situation but as I understand, I was initially promised a new housing from Nauticam.
However they eventually reneged on their word citing misscommunication. It took them a month and half to repair the piano key which they managed by changing the activation lever. It turn out the initial design had a lever which was not of the correct length and hence jammed easily. I missed out having the housing for another dive trip as a result of this delay.

I am interested to see how Nauticam handles this situation. With at least two possible manufacturing faults on at least two newly released models (550D and 7D) , I hope this does mean that they are rushing out housings before testing them adequately.