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Living Colours (Underwater Best Of Video)

20 May 2013 - 02:56 AM

A self indulgent video to lay tribute a recently died housing.  Its all shot from a Sony SR12 which is seriously dated and slightly embarrassing quality compared to what others are posting here, but it was a fun 5 or so years filming as a hobby..... Time for an upgrade :)



The YouTube Blurb:


A 'Best Of' video made from footage collected over 5 years
Footage includes: 
Mating Blue Ringed Octopus, Tiger Shark, Pygmy Seahorse, Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Frogfish, Weedy Sea Dragon and MANY MORE
Fiji - Pacific Harbour
Australia - Great Barrier Reef, South West Rocks, Sydney
Thailand -  Similan Islands, Koh Tao
Indonesia - Bali, Wakatobi, Lembah Straits, Pulau Weh, Gili Islands
Shot with Sony SR12 Camcorder, Light & Motion Bluefin Housing, 110 Degree Fathom WA Lens
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The music is I am Victorious by Tim McMorris under a Creative Common licence
The footage was converted to 1080p for YouTube using high quality method from Nick Hope Bubble Vision:


RED 4k+ (and similar) vs Sony PMW 200 (and similar)

20 March 2013 - 02:27 PM

I have been sitting on a light and motion bluefin sr12 pretty much since it came out and it is getting seriously dated now, when I increasingly watch other underwater videos compared to mine the quality of my footage is beginning to hurt my eyes! It was my first housing, and was happy with the results so I don't have experience with other setups.  It could also be that I would be moving to Indonesia, Lombok/Gili area this year and would have a opportunity to do some full time underwater filming.  Its a little bit overwhelming when trying to work out the pros and cons of the big boy cameras, and would be great to get some advice from people who are in the industry and have used any of these models already.


So far I have mainly filmed for hobby, sold some stock footage, and made a few videos but am seriously considering to take the next step.  Basically I don't want to spend a bunch of cash and then feel the hindrance of limited specs I would rather get some advise and spend extra money now rather then need to upgrade again in a couple of years.  The biggest decision appears to be whether to go for a top spec broadcast camera like the Sony PMW 200, or a 4k/5k Epic type.


I would like to use the camera for collecting footage for a possible documentary, collection of stock footage, and taking on any filming jobs in the area.


Most important in the setup is future proofing as much as reasonably possible.  I know the camera and housing will be outdated pretty quick, but if it meets the minimum broadcast standard like for eg the PMW 200 then I would imagine the camera would have a very long useful lifespan.


RED Epic seems to have the crown as the top setup, but what about the models under this.


RED Scarlet or RED One against Sony PMW 200 (or similar) What are the pros and conns?


Is the RED ONE a good underwater shooter?  I just saw a used RED ONE on Ebay get won for just over £1k 


From what I can gather doing research online, 4k and above is pretty much redundant for the home TV market.  Companies are starting to make TV sets, but I have read that the TV would have to be so huge 85 plus inches or something to notice a difference over HD which is just not practical, but would it still become a broadcast standard in a few years and squash out the HD cameras?


Is 4K+ underwater stock footage sort after?


Apart from the cheaper price is there any advantage of the PMW 200 over the RED Scarlet specifically regarding underwater filming?

I would imagine a great advantage of shooting 4k and above is that you can grab an enlarged HD frame from within your 4k frame.  So for Marco you could get really close up HD shots.  Is this correct?


If anyone here owns a RED EPIC, who is it?  I would consider even buying one of these if it really really is worth it... The bit that makes me groan about that setup is the cost of the housing.


Has anyone used the PMW 200 yet underwater?


Any advise, or anyone that has any answers or opinions to my questions would be greatly received.



Gili Air Promo Video

11 March 2013 - 03:35 PM

Hi all,


Its it's been a big break for me diving and filming under water, but I dragged out the old equipment to make a promo video for a shop I was diving with while in Gili Air.  Feedback appreciated, I have never attempted anything this complicated before, with intros or outros, or spent so much time with the editing.


Filmed with Sony SR12, Light & Motion Bluefin Housing 110 Degree Fathom Wide Angle Lens.  Footage from 26 dives with some contributions from the dive shop manager


A BIG shout for the music. I hope that people enjoy the soundtrack.  It is an artist that is a friend of mine.  For me it makes the world of difference having powerful music rather then some royalty free *cough cough*


Pulau Weh Indonesia

12 June 2012 - 03:58 AM


Quickly threw a video together for my friend I was diving with.
Nothing special in particular, but some pleasant wide shots :)