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thumbs up for scubapix and aquatica

17 June 2010 - 02:36 AM

Hi all
just want to say a huge thank you to Peter (www.scubapix.com) for all the work he has put into getting my Aquatica AD300s housing together.

I have , in the last 8 months taken it and heavy used it, in Bali 3 times ( 2 week trips each time) Manado and Lembeh , Fiji and Christmas Island -

the Aquatica housing kept up with all the punishment the dive guides/deck crew could throw at it , including it being dropped from the seat to the metal floor :) - the housing easy accepted the ZEN 100mm port - the majority of the WA I took in Fiji was with the 100mm .

I also pushed Peter on many occasions to get the add on items to me before each trip - he was able ( I still don't know how) to get all of them delivered to me on time - the zen dome , the new TLC arms , the aqua viewfinder - all at a great price and quickly.

I cannot recommend Peter and Aquatica enough

here are a few from those trips

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

this is my flicker page

Aquatica D300s housing

10 March 2010 - 12:50 AM

OK here it is in all its 105mm glory - I purchased the aqua viewfinder (thanks Gudge for recommending) and the remote trigger for tripod work - it really is a awesome piece of kit - and the locking system is very nifty - no more needing 4 hands as with the ikelite setup -

Posted Image

Posted Image

will be doing a dive Thursday to see how it runs - will have (hopefully) some pics up by PM

again thanks Peter (www.scubapix.com)