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Cool stuff or Old Junk

17 July 2009 - 11:06 AM

This is kind of strange and sad story, but interesting nonetheless.

I have made a living in the nature photo biz for nearly twenty years, but I have NO experience shooting underwater.

My sister recently made a bid on one of those abandoned storage units, that are becoming quite common. All she could see were lots of boxes (you are only allowed to glimpse in the door). Turns out it is jam packed with diving gear, and a lot of old still film gear (and some video gear also). Most of the gear has never been used, and is still contained in original boxes.

She asked me to handle the photo gear and sort it out. I have been having a great time too. Just to give you and idea - the photo gear filled my suburban - no easy feat.

There are lots of nikonos stuff (not worth much I know), but these include complete, never used kits with lenses and strobes. There are also several close up kits, and ikelight strobes. The list goes on.

Most of this stuff I can figure out, but I have a few things I can't.

My hope was to post a few photos of the mystery items, and you folks could let me know if it is junk, or some fabulous piece of archaic gear.

This first item I can find very little about. It is an ocean eyes nikon f3 deep water housing. When I popped it out of the case, it has a pristine nikon f3 inside. Also 15mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm lenses.

It does not appear to have ever been in water. Not a scratch on it.

I am totally having a gadget geek out. How rare is this thing? Should I put in in a display case, or would there be a market for it on ebay?

feel free to email me at michael@durmphoto.com

Also feel free to tell me if this is inappropriate for this forum. If so, I will not post again.


Michael Durham