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crazy cameras

05 September 2009 - 07:37 AM

Hello to you all,
I'm hoping someone can shed a little light on CrazyCameras.co.uk?
Even though they have a uk web address they operate from the USA,
Portland,oregon. I'm having terrible trouble trying to contact them, by
phone & email. They ask you to leave a message so they can get back to you
when they're less busy, but after several attempts to get them to call me,
I can only think of the worst.
Unfortunately for me I didn't do my home work before purchasing a camera case
from them (60.00 worth) as it still hasn't arrived. Looking at forums, this company
has a very bad name, lots of negative reports about them. If anyone can shed any
light on this company I'd be very greatfull.
Many thanks,

sync cable

18 July 2009 - 11:33 AM

I'm so glad there's a DIY forum as I'd like to pick someone's brains if I may. Here goes.....
I've purchased an Ikelite housing for my digital still camera, and I have an Epoque strobe.
I need a sync cord that will connect to both housing and strobe, however Ikelite don't make a sync cord to
connect these two items. I do have a sync cord that one end will fit the Epoque, is there a way of
changing the other end of the sync cord to fit the Ikelite housing?

If all else fails I'll have to go the fibre optic route, or buy a new strobe.

Many thanks for your help.
Gertie. :B):