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#390004 RETRA Strobe Thread

Posted by Oceanus on 02 December 2017 - 11:23 PM

I received my pair of Retra Flash and my LSD this week. Dived with it yesterday, my first impression is that this is really solid, well designed equipment. 

From many years in business process outsourcing, i.e. handling customer service on behalf of global brands, I must say I’m  impressed with the service from Retra. 
I took the best offer and ordered in the end of February. I have placed two add-on orders since then, to be delivered with the Flashes. I expected delays, after all I had placed an order for a product still being developed. 
All though encountering delays, Retra did everything right. They kept me informed. They set the expectations right. And they delivered on promise, on the exact date they said they would, and everything received as ordered. That would give high customer satisfaction scores on pretty much any scale I have seen. 
Its easy to be a good supplier when everything runs smoothly. Its when something goes wrong you can separate a good supplier from a bad one. In my case Retra handled things very well also when facing delays, and in my opinion they have demonstrated everything I look for in a good supplier. In comparison, I own gear from suppliers very far from Retras standard when it comes to customer experience. 
Just wanted to share my views on the customer service part after reading this thread. Have a nice sunday everyone, I’m off playing with my new Flashes.