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#332644 Having trouble collecting on a claim with DEPP?

Posted by S1mon on 11 June 2013 - 02:43 AM

As a nice postscript to this thread I received the following email from a guy at the Fraud Division of the Kentucky Insurance Commsioners office, its dated 8th June 2013:


"As of today I filed criminal charges against Deane & Dixie Lehrmitt.  I know they have attempted to settle your claims.  I need to know from each of you what is still owed to you so that I can petition the court for restitution on your behalf.  I have been  in contact with their attorney and he has advised me he will act as a 3rd party administrator to help settle the claims.  The Lehrmitts are no longer allowed to work on your claims.  I would appreciate any future correspondence that you may have Lehrmitts, that you don’t mention the criminal prosecution."


This is as a direct result of compaints made by myself, Glamorpuss and one other. We are very happy with the result, and will be even happier when we receive final full payment of our claims.


If anyone is any dount:




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#312524 Anyone have contact infor for DEPP?

Posted by S1mon on 09 July 2012 - 06:53 PM

DEPP- fraudulent beyond any doubt.
My story is that I suffered an insured loss back in April 2011. I made a claim from Belize where I was working at the time. I didnt send the paperwork by courier so of course they "didnt receive it" so I made the declaration, got it notorised again and sent it by fedex this time. Then the fun really started. They do not have a telephone line (that anyone will answer or pay any notice to) so you cannot call, you have to email. I averaged 3-4 emails before i got a response and usually at least 3-4 weeks wait each time. Dixie bulls**ts you and leads you on and when you reach just the right level of stress she passes you on to the Broker, Deane, who is the voice of reason and sends a lengthy email about how its all the consumers fault that they are slow to pay. Then he bulls**ts you around for a few months too. They appear to comunicate with each other by email and you get the impression that he works for a different company (IPG) , but as they are married this is clearly crap too and they almost certainly run this little scam from their home. You can search for them on the companies register and see the raft of companies that they maintain.
I eventually got approved for my claim in October last year. They did no investigation, asked for no proof and I thought this strange. but then of course they had no intention of paying!
Its now July 2012 and still nothing. they no longer make any pretence of their intention to pay. they do not respond to me and I am pretty pissed.
My claim is worth $3500 and I intend to do what I can to get my money.
I work as a Cruise Director on a liveaboard so each and every week I tell my story to the photographers who come on the boat, my intention is to cost them as much lost premium as I can. I have already persuaded two of their existing customers to switch to H20 insurance through DAN at renewal time.
Also, one of the guests on my boat works as a Private Investigator and he is working on it for me, for free. I will keep you updated on what happens... he already has some information on them that maybe they would prefer I didnt.
Another of my recent guests is in the Insurance business and knows the Insurance Commissioner for Kentucky and promised to do what he can to help.
If you have an issue with them I suggest you:
1) Contact the Kentucky State Insurance Regulator/Commissioner (I forget their proper name, but its easy to find). make a complaint, it might help, but it might not.
2) Do not stop emailing- do not give up
3) Spread the word to everyone you meet in the diving world

Allison, if they do have the gall to show their faces at DEMA give them a poke for me too please!