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Random Sea and Sea strobe occurance

21 July 2009 - 09:18 PM

Hmmm here goes .

I have a new mdxd300 sea n sea housing with a sea n sea ttl3converter. I am using a nikon d300 with a sigma 10-20mm lens with 6 inch dome port and a nikon 105mm macro lens with a dx macro port. I have 2 ys110 alpha strobes linked to the ttl converter by a 5 pin dual synch chord.

Now my problem is I can get the strobes to fire ttl everytime with the macro lens fitted without fail but i have only ever got the strobes to fire on one dive with the wide angle lens on! I do not changed any settings when swapping from the macro lens to the wide angle but for whatever reason it wont fire ttl or manual!!

iso 400 or 200

So why did it work on dive one for over 200 images then the very next day after charging batterys i can not get it to fire ttl or manual any more? The flashes still fire off but will not sync with the shutter!! All my setting are the same from when it worked and synched to when it didnt?

Macro still works!

Could it be that the ttl converter will not properly work with a dual synch chord and requires independant chords from both strobes to the 2 ports on the top of the ttl converter instwad of just the one?