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overexposed and can't change the manual setting!

05 May 2012 - 10:04 PM

Hello. I really need a help! I had a photo shoot at indoor pool and
I had problems overexposing using ikelite strobe using AV mode. Wanted to switch manual on my Canon 50d
to stay with 1/250 and down the Fstops but it didn't let me. I can control the setting out side the housing but
when I put it in the housing, it doesn't let me control. What happened? What am I doing wrong?

- It never over exposed with ikelite strobe using AV mode before and now it does.

- I never had a problem controlling manual mode with ikelite housing but now it does.

Could you help me what I'm doing wrong, please? Or how I can fix it?
Thank you so so much!