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Photographers, clients, and digital negatives?

14 April 2010 - 02:18 AM

I've been looking at getting a shoot for some family pictures and the issue of digital negatives from the shoot is bothering me. It seems that some photographers only want to give the client a selection of the photos taken in polished jpeg or tiff form on disc (although I don't really understand tiff) even though it will be shot in raw. This to me is the equivalent of old film photos and them not handing over the actual negatives.

I can understand some of the reasoning behind this but I do feel that as a client paying for her image to be shot that I want the 'originals' as well. What is your opinion as both clients and photographers on this?

Film SLR advice please

28 December 2009 - 06:55 AM

Well I've just acquired a Pentax MZ-M film SLR which belongs to my OH but was in the attic at his mother's house. I have managed to get a manual online so now know what all the buttons do (I think) and have had a bit of a play with it. I just managed to get it to rewind a 36 roll after just 24 shots - the roll was already in and I guess the OH didn't set it to 36 when he put it in originally.

Anyway I'm off out to buy some film so any ideas what speed/type of film I should get?

Bearing in mind that I don't have a dSLR and have only once on a dive used one and, therefore, only once used one that was fully manual (my compact doesn't even have Av or Tv). And any suggestions on little mini-phot projects I could do to start to learn how to work this thing? I'd like to start by figuring out how to control DoF - so some suggestions for different things to do there would be much appreciated. Posted Image

Next meeting Northern Underwater Photography Group

19 November 2009 - 10:49 AM

For those of you in the north of England the next meeting of the Northern Underwater Photography Group will be on 23rd November - that's this Monday.

Its at Orca Divers, 557 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AN - 19.30 for 20.00.

The NUPG website is here - http://www.nupg.org.uk/

If I find out what the running order is prior to Monday I'll pop the details up here. (Or Ken if you know can you pop up some details?)

Visions in the Sea: Underwater photography festival

28 October 2009 - 02:53 AM

Just a reminder about Visions in the Sea which is taking place in Manchester this year on Nov 7th - 8th. a two day photography love-in featuring guest speakers including:

Cathy Church: The techniques and art of shooting close underwater

Paul "Duxy" Duxfield: Getting the best from your Compact Camera

Martin Edge: Edge of the Light

Charlie Hood: The Complete Guide to Wreck Photography

Maria Munn: Capturing the World's Largest Animals with a Compact Camera

Dr Alex Mustard: Mastering your strobes

Jukka Nurminen: Beneath the waves of the Baltic Sea

Mark Koekemoer: Pilots in Gibralter

Peter Scoones: Underwater Wildlife Filming

Shark Trust: The Important work of the Shark Trust

Also on the Sunday afternoon there is a "Teach In" at the Aquatics Centre's 5m pool with experts on-hand to help folks improve their techniques. I have been told by the organisers that there will be a (real) mermaid to photograph. Posted Image

Also on the Saturday night there is a Gala dinner at the Palace Hotel in aid of the Sharks Trust.

City Inn where the talks will be held are currently doing a deal if you quote Visions when booking - I think it is something like 79 for a room (not per person).

For tickets see http://www.visionsinthesea.com/tickets.html

Scapa Flow Trip report and Photos Sept 2009

17 September 2009 - 08:02 AM

Well my 1st trip to Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands in Scotland and I had a fab time. I went with a bunch of photographers from Digigreen (of which DDT and tdpriest are also from this parish). To everyone's credit I didn't want to throw anyone overboard all week. We went with the (in)famous H&H on the MV Valkyrie. Helens food lived up to its reputation and after 2 weeks of being deprived of vegetables in Scotland prior to getting there it was a godsend.

As was noted by my fellow divers - I am somewhat of a wreck guru which I'm sure will shine through in my descriptions. Posted Image

Some of my photos below. The only ones that I could do anything with were from the shallower dives, hence most are actually from the last dive. All were shot on natural light as I don't have a strobe and at 20m plus my compact was not coping. I had to really hike up the ISO and even then the shutter speed was painfully slow.

Day 1

Dive 1

Dived the Karlsruhe one of the lightcruisers. It lies on a slope so you can go shallow or deeper and is therefore good for a shake down dive. Descended down shot and went forward towards bow. Therein ends my nautical descriptions but there was a fabulous array of plumose anenomes!

Dive 2

The F2 & YC21. The F2, unlike most of the boats, is a WWII ship, and the YC21 is a barge that tried to salvage her. They lie about 20m apart. There was the most fabulous shoal of silvery small fish as we descended onto the barge. Really lovely light coming down onto the barge but my compact found it difficult to cope with the contrast between the dark of the barge and the light of the water and surface which kept showing up as blown out on my photos. Also discovered the bane of internal reflection on my fisheye lens.

Day 2

The Dresden - lightcruiser in 36m of water - lying on her post side with the hull at about 19m. I was taken by suprise by how dark it got and consequently how deep it felt to me. This stressed me slightly and I can't say I enjoyed this dive.

No 2nd dive for me as the wind picked up and I didn't fancy getting in in the swell. Although some of the others did the Brummer some of us just chilled.

Day 3

Dive 1

Dived the Coln - a lightcruiser in 35m lying on her port side with the hull in about 20m.Actually managed to identify a bit of the ship on this dive and saw the conning tower! Of course there were also lots of anenomes.

Dive 2

The Seydlitz - she was a battlecruiser and was actually raised in 1928 but lots and lots of debris was left behind. The wreck junkies didn't really like this but the rest of us loved it.

Day 4

Dive 1

The Kronprinz Wilhelm - battleship Konig class - lying upside down in 36m leaning slightly on her starboard side. Went forward to the bow and actually saw a gun below us. Too deep and dark for me to take a photo of though since I have no strobes and was on natural light (what light I say)!

Dive 2

The Gobernador Bories - one of the blockships lying in Burray sound. This was the only tidal dive we did and, as such, we had to do it on slack. However, we were on a high water spring and the tides around there just do what the feel like. We were warned that we would have to sit and wait and go for it just before slack and that it would go slack when it felt like it. They would know it was coming when the buoys on the shot bobbed up above the water - they get dragged down when the current is running. Add to that that it might stay slack for 1 min or 1 hr and it was anybody's guess which.

We did indeed sit around for ages after slack was meant to appear and eventually it did. We descended down the shot and were told max 35 min dive or we would end up being spat out into the atlantic on ascent. We were down for about 5 mins before a look at the kelp revealed that slack had been and gone. Posted Image We all stayed within the sheltered part of the boat and at about 25 mins headed back for the shot. Ballan wrasse everywhere.

Posted Image

Back at the shot my buddy and I started to ascend and oh my was that current running. We could see people above and thought 'good they are doing their safety stop before ascending the rest of the way'. As we got closer we realised that there was a gatering of divers because the shot had run out at about 7m - bugger. One by one peeps let go and we were left at about 5m hanging onto the rope around the bouys. We now know what flagpoling means. After a min or 2 of a safety stop we decided to sod the rest of it and let go before the current got even stronger. To me relief I didn't rocket to the surface but got there just short of too fast!

Got back on the boat shouting 'fantastic lets do that again'!

Day 5

Dive 1

The brummer - I had missed this one earlier in the week so it was nice to get a chance to do it. After being intially a bit aprehensive I really enjoyed it. At this point in the week with the depths the dives were getting shorter and shorter for us doing no deco dives so we only got 33mins total. Posted Image

Dive 2

The V83 - this was the last dive and my fav of the whole week. It was absolutley fabulous and I came up on a complete high. It has an intact stern in about 15m, then the forward section is wreckage stretching right up to the shore. Lots of twisted metal and life growing all over it.

Just to prove I was actually wreck diving on this trip on this dive I actually saw a gun and a prop shaft! Also a rudder but I only realised this when I saw the pics! There was much amusement when a fellow diver who failed to see any ship type bits all week said we actually saw something wrecky! Got an hr on this dive with us arriving back 15 mins after the others who we assummed were still down as the were on bigger singles and twins. We only surfaced as I was running low on air - but they rest were already back on the boat.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I am currently having withdrawl symptoms and can't wait to get back in the water. I had such good fun and that last dive was just fab - all the twisted bits of metal everywhere - great!