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Focus light or subsee+5 - can only choose one - help

15 September 2013 - 11:57 AM

Hey guys -  I am getting ready for my upcoming trip to Indonesia - 5 weeks total - with 11 days in Raja Ampat and then another 10 in Ambon.    Here is my dilemma - my money is tight after paying for all of this and college tuition for my son. My gear bag is screaming for another toy, but I am feeling like I can only choose one of these things to add to my gear bag for the trip.  


I already have a big blue bosc focus light - but it is big and bulky and does not have the red light incorporated into it.  I sure would like one that is smaller and more light weight and has the new red light features.     


But I do NOT have a diopter of any kind in my gear bag. And heading off to that part of the world, I feel like having at least a +5 would be so beneficial to put with my 105 macro.  


So...any thoughts on which one and why you would recommend that course of action for me.  


Feeling torn about what to do - help wanted. -  Pam     

flamingo tongue mating??

18 July 2013 - 06:20 PM

Hey guys....Going through some photos from my recent trip to Grand Cayman. I really like flamingo tongue so I take a lot of shots of them.   While looking at this shot at home...it looks to me like there are two here - tongue to tongue - mating.  Yes or no?   Thanks for the help.


Wish I could say that I caught this when taking the picture...but I did not or I would have taken more than 2 in this series. 




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Zoom ring on Tokina lens came off - need help

04 May 2013 - 12:28 PM

Hey guys....Need some help with my lens. I am getting ready for a trip and pulled the Tokina 10-17 out of my camera bag to find the zoom gear had come off of the lens.  I had had my housing zoom gear fixed around the lens to keep everything together - do not know if this helped to cause the problem or not.   I could see the inside of my lens.   I put the zoom ring back on - not sure I got it in the right place though around the lens.    It moved okay and did not seem to bind up or anything. Then I tried it on the camera. Takes pics and zooms the full amount, but it seems to have some noise to it when I move the zoom gear on the camera that it did not have before.    


Any thoughts?  Is it okay to use like this?  Any idea what might be making that noise now and/or is this a concern?  Should I take the zoom ring back off and try putting it back on again?  Leave it as is?   Do I need to have it in the right place around the lens?  Not sure where to go and what to do right now. HELP wanted please?


I am concerned about it being okay since I am getting ready to be in the water for 3 weeks. I leave in 2 weeks.  I went by my local photo shop today and they do not "repair" inner workings as they put it.  So they were not any help to me at all - except to give me a name of a place 4 hours away.  


Thanks for any help you have - DiverPam

Why is photoshop opening when I export from LR

23 February 2013 - 04:12 PM

In the last few days, every time I go to export photos from Lightroom, photoshop also opens with the photo(s) chosen. Any ideas?  I am sure it is something easy, but I cannot seem to find why it is doing this.  I have looked through the export screen and do not find anything on this.  Has not done this before the last week.  


Thanks - Pam 

Scuba Diving Mag photocomp - grabs rights forever - be careful

07 February 2013 - 03:05 PM

Just saw this post on facebook from Scuba Diving Magazine about an upcoming photo competition. You guys have taught me well... always look over the rules. This looks like an unlimited rights grab forever.

Here is what I found when clicking on the link below which takes you to Scuba Diving Magazine's official site. It is a part of Bonnier Corporation.

"Fabulous Scuba Diving Photo Contest prizes rolling in: How about a 7-night stay for 1 at Utila's Deep Blue Resort? Enter here today: http://bit.ly/X6jRe7 -- Mary Frances. The 2013 Scuba Diving Photo Contest (the “Contest”) is sponsored by Scuba Diving magazine, a publication of Bonnier Corporation (“Sponsor”).

GENERAL RULES & LIMITATIONS: By entering, you represent that: (i) your entry is your own original work; and (ii) you own or have the rights to convey any and all right and title in any material submitted as part of your entry into the Contest. By entering, you grant to Sponsor a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to edit, publish, promote, republish at any time in the future and otherwise use your submission, along with your name and likeness, in any and all media for any purpose, without further permission, notice or compensation (except where prohibited by law)"

FYI - DiverPam