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help ASAP...missing retainer clip on button in housing

20 July 2014 - 04:16 PM

Hey guys...I need help ASAP.  I am in Cozumel and need to see if I can rig something up so I can still use my camera. There is a retainer clip on the inside of my housing that has come off and I can't find it.  It holds the buttons in place. The missing part is the retainer clip on the back of one of the bottons.  In the picture, you can see it missing on the bottom button. It is flat and silver and looks like it keeps the round knob from sliding out of place.


Here is a picture showing what is missing,  Hope this helps.  


Attached File  20140720_135257.jpg   82.6KB   10 downloads


I was considering using electrical and duct tape on the outside of the housing to hold it in as well as having it under a vacuum. 


I really want to get this usable since we are scheduled to swim with the whale sharks while here.  I really want my camera for that!  


Any suggestions welcome!  



Focus light or subsee+5 - can only choose one - help

15 September 2013 - 11:57 AM

Hey guys -  I am getting ready for my upcoming trip to Indonesia - 5 weeks total - with 11 days in Raja Ampat and then another 10 in Ambon.    Here is my dilemma - my money is tight after paying for all of this and college tuition for my son. My gear bag is screaming for another toy, but I am feeling like I can only choose one of these things to add to my gear bag for the trip.  


I already have a big blue bosc focus light - but it is big and bulky and does not have the red light incorporated into it.  I sure would like one that is smaller and more light weight and has the new red light features.     


But I do NOT have a diopter of any kind in my gear bag. And heading off to that part of the world, I feel like having at least a +5 would be so beneficial to put with my 105 macro.  


So...any thoughts on which one and why you would recommend that course of action for me.  


Feeling torn about what to do - help wanted. -  Pam