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In Topic: Give your feedback on buyers/sellers

15 March 2017 - 08:48 AM

Just bought a 1dx housing off Olly (Turbohampster). 


Superb transaction, loads of contact and assistance from him, highly recommended



In Topic: Will I miss the Tokina?

02 February 2017 - 04:24 AM

Cheers for that Tim,


Good to hear you don't miss the zoom function too much - in an ideal world I'd definitely prefer to use a full frame camera, it may just come down to the pennies, and what housing I go for.


At the moment if I buy new I was considering a hugyfot (previously used Subal and loved them but will struggle to finance one at the moment) which I can put together for a 7d2, but if I go full frame thenit'll have to be either used or Ikelite.


thanks for your input though, all good to know




p.s. - hope you caught the match against the Hammers last night, we're finally attacking like we should be!

In Topic: Will I miss the Tokina?

01 February 2017 - 07:20 AM

I have been using the Canon 8-15 on full frame (it also works with APSC and APSH) since it came out. You should try and borrow a copy. My understanding is that it is superior in every way (maybe or maybe not focal length range) to the Tokina. I avoided the Tok (got the Nikon 10.5 for my Nikon APSC system instead) due to its slow maximum aperture (as this affects AF) as well as build quality issues (lens falling apart). BTW several second hand 1Dx housings have appeared for sale at bargain prices such as around 2K if I recall right.



Cheers for that Tom. I would like to take the 1dx underwater, but have only seen 1 housing second hand. Maybe I need to bide my time. 


Having used both the 1dx and the 5d3 topside, the only real difference I can see for UW use would be the frame rate for ambient light shots - both have superb high ISO and whilst the AF speed is a little better from the 1dx, the difference is minimal and this is when driving the big white supertele's that require extra battery power. 


However, my main issue is losing the flexibility of a fisheye zoom. I won't be able to afford a 9" port for something like a 16-35mm, so should I go down the full frame route I'll be limited to a fixed fisheye and a macro lens only - possibly adding a 1.4x behind the fisheye if necessary.