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WTB Nauticam flash trigger, viewfinder for dslr (prefer 45 degree) and macro 94 port

08 March 2017 - 02:32 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm hoping to get a nauticam system very shortly, and need a couple of accessories quite quickly, otherwise I'll need to buy new.


If anyone has an external viewfinder (preferably the 45 degree but may consider the 180) or a macro 94 port sitting around gathering dust, and you're willing to ship to England, please give me a shout.


I've asked one member on here about their flash trigger (for Canon) but again, I'll look to buy the first one offered





Will I miss the Tokina?

31 January 2017 - 01:39 PM

Hi everyone, 


I've been housing-less for a couple of years now as I was concentrating on topside stuff, but am keen to get restarted underwater again. 


Currently, topside I have a Canon 1dx and a 7d2 as backup. I hardly touch the 7d2 as the AF is too 'twitchy' for my liking with fast moving subjects. The IQ of the 1dx also knocks spots off the smaller sensor. 


However, I am considering housing the 7d2, and one of the main reasons is being able to use either the Tokina 10-17mm or the Canon 8-15, depending upon how much budget is left over after buying the rest of the gear. Ideally I would like to stick with full frame, but if I do so I fear I will miss the flexibility of a fisheye zoom. 


Also, it's likely I'll only be able to afford an 8" dome, but would only plan on using this with a 15mm fisheye. I'll get a macro lens whichever system I go for, so thats not really going to sway my decision much. 


I could maybe just about affording to go down the route of swapping the 7d2 for a 5d3 (had one topside previously and really liked it). 


The only way I could go for the 5d iv would be to sell my 1dx and I'm not sure thats a great idea with the stuff I shoot topside - could be convinced though!


As an outside option I would consider going with Nikon if a good price could be had, but I am happy with my current workflow with DPP4 and photoshop, so there would have to be a significant reason - much better dynamic range or similar.


So, the main question - am I likely to really miss a fisheye zoom?


thanks in advance