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ikelite D800

03 April 2012 - 02:58 AM

Hey guys,

I am planning on changing my d300s ikelite system with d800 but I have two questions in mind.
I used d300 and d300s happily shot hundred thousands of pictures but its time to pass to full frame with better quality lenses and i really need the full HD video ability. I am using a Sony EX-1 totally love it but it is many times tiring to carry that weight around besides I am willing to do some macro videos with d800 ad it will be a good back up.

- How good and satisfactory of the video quality of d800 compared to Canon 5D MKII?

- Do you have any idea when ikelite is planning to come up with the new d800? price?



Freedance (Freediving in Bozburun-Turkey)

16 November 2011 - 02:58 PM

Hi all,

here is something I get together around July 2011 waited for her to break the records. Hope you enjoy it...


Sahika is a talented freediver, recently just broke 2 world records! check her out & support her, I am telling she is just warming up.

Divers: Sahika Ercumen & Edhem Dirvana
Camera & Edit: Mert Gokalp

If you ever end up sailing in Eastern Mediterranean, go & check crystal clear waters of Bozburun, dont forget to visit an excellent seaman Edhem and his great place Bozburun Yatch Club.

If you want to know about marine life of Eastern Mediterranean Sea go and check my website Wetbluediary for thousands of pictures and species information, dont forget to visit the Eastern Mediterranean marine species database


Video embedded correctly: Admin

GREENFORCE FIII batteries problem

03 October 2011 - 12:41 AM

I had this wierd event with my EX1 Gates housing & Greenforce new FIII batteries last month during our new documentary shootings.

After the dive, I left the housing in a shady area to dry a bit, rinsed off its fresh water on it. While eating my lunch i heard a heavy explosion sound and a lady running away.
I was thinking please not the housing, but yes there it was one of the batteries exploded spilling the battery fluid outside breaking the outer part of the battery. luckily nobody get hurt or it didnt explode while I was working on it.

Checking it the night before, there was no signs of water getting in, broken part or corrosive elements.

We send the battery and the light to greenforce for an investigation, there is no word yet but hopefully soon i will get my batteries and continue soon.

Mert gokalp
Marine Biotechnologist
UW Photographer & Videographer

Does d300s fit in ikelite d300 housing

03 October 2011 - 12:30 AM

Did anybody tried or using nikon D300s in D300 housing?

It seems like some functions wont be available but can you reach the video button?

Mert Gokalp
Marine Biotechnologist
UW Photographer & Videographer


13 August 2011 - 04:28 AM


Here is something I get together for introducing Eastern Mediterranean Sea Diving in Bodrum - Turkey


Caves, plane and shipwrecks, geographical formations, UW archeology, blue wall diving, night dwellers,marine life with fishes, crabs, tubeworms, anemones,shrimps,nudibranch,octopus,cuttlefish,sponges, algae..

Visit Bodrum and enjoy diving in splendid blue & turquoise waters with amazing visibility...

Hope you enjoy...