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In Topic: Sea and Sea 0.6x wide angle conversion lens for sale

05 March 2010 - 04:51 AM

Update (3/5/2010) - This item had been sold.

Anyone there interested in buying a Sea and Sea 0.6x wide angle conversion lens for the DX5000G/8000G underwater housing. It's almost new. Maybe used it only 2x over the last 3 years that I owned it. Bought it brand new. With lens caps and caddy. Let me know if interested. Thanks.

In Topic: Lost Baggage

22 August 2009 - 09:50 AM

Not sure if this is too late and relevant. My luggage arrived the last day of my recent trip to Roatan. I flew Delta and here is the info: Delta will re-imburse you $25 each day your luggage is 'lost' after the first 3 days of vacation. This is limited to a maximum of $150. I got receipts for my purchases for a pair of shorts and dive equipment rentals (all my dive gears did not arrive except for my hand carried regulator). Long and short of this - I called and wrote a letter to Delta explaining the circumstances, our attempts to track and recover the luggage (aided by my husband in the US, who did not go on this trip) and I sent whatever receipts I saved. The total cost was $250. Delta did re-imburse the entire amout after 8 weeks.

I believe, in the airline agreement, they will re-imburse up to a certain amount limit ($1000?) for lost luggage? Hope this is helpful. Sorry about your lost luggage. I know it is a bummer from personal experience :)