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FS: TWO Complete Canon 7D Camera/Housings & 4 YS-250 Strobes

08 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

We are selling our two complete Canon 7D Aquatica setups.  The only thing missing to get in the water are arms and clamps.  This includes two complete wide angle (a fisheye and a rectilinear) and a macro (2 x 60mm macro) setups as well as a mini-dome and a macro-mate.  See the photos and PDF.

My hope is to only sell as a complete set as I am in Indonesia and all the gear is in California with no one to parcel it out, only ship it.  The items are already in Pelican cases (housings and strobes) and a Kata backpack (cameras, lenses, etc.) which are included in the price.  Buyer will be responsible for cost of shipping.


This also includes an F2.8 Sigma 50-150mm (equivalent to a 70-200mm on a 35mm) and a 30mm (50mm equivalent) F1.4 portrait lens.

For more information about condition and photos of each item, please contact me.  Total cost is $15,840 before shipping while at retail for everything would be $25,374 at current values.

Attached is an PDF (sorry, they don't allow spreadsheet attachements) of all items and the price and some overview photos of the items.


Attached File  7D System for Sale Sheet1.pdf   43.31KB   260 downloads


Attached File  housings_strobes.jpg   317.36KB   41 downloads


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