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In Topic: Nikonos IV Problem

25 September 2010 - 08:30 PM

Someone gave me this camera, and I was fiddling with it, clicking the shutter and working the advance lever (no film) when it just quit working. the lever won't go, the button does nothing. I have no idea what happened, it didn't take a bump or anything like that, it just...stopped. Does anybody have any idea why and how to correct it?

I've contacted Backscatter in Monterey (no answer yet) but if there's something I can do while I wait, might as well.

Great camera, but they were prone to salt build up around the shutter advance shaft. Likely, that is the cause of the problem. At one time it was recommended that you keep the camera immersed in fresh water when not being used. Once the salt build up is cleaned, make sure the orings are OK. Nikon repair cleaned a friends Nikonos IV and it flooded on the first dive. Good luck!


In Topic: Deepwater Gorgonians, BC, Canada

16 September 2010 - 05:39 PM

Hey Ryan & Lee,

There are a couple dive operators that go there. Email me if you want info. Have done the dive many times myself over the years. Possible to dive it on one tank with a deco stop at 20 and 10 feet, or take a deco bottle on the dive. Dive is 160 feet, straight down and straight back up.

Nice shot, Lee. Here's one I took that made it on the cover of Northwest Dive News.

Coral Cover Shot

Best, Jett

In Topic: Video of Browning Pass Port Hardy BC dives

17 August 2010 - 10:26 PM

Nicely done!

In Topic: writer looking for photographer

24 May 2010 - 08:18 AM

Hello, banishs here. I just got back from tacoma dive show where i did a seminar that Jett B (can't remember full last name) did and found out that i basically have no chance of ever writing for a scuba magazine without pictures. editors apparently like the whole package, pics and words. Well, I am no photographer and honestly have no interest in it, except to appreciate the really cool pics you guys take. I then talked to someone from xray magazine who was kind enough to give me the name of this website as a possilbe site to find photographers to work with. So if you are a photographer looking for a writer let me know, or if you are willing to work with one (share pictures i may need for a story/article and share any money we may get) let me know. I am a complete newbie and have never been published to be painfully honest. But who knows, maybe you are too and we can take a chance together to try and live the dream. if this info i got is all wet (sorry can not help pun) and this is not a site that can help me, let me know too. Appreciate any replies


Hello banishs,

Hope you enjoyed the presentation. You should be able to find an underwater photographer to collaborate with within the ranks of Wetpixel. Some magazines will give credit to the photographer if it is requested in the byline, ie "Text by banishs & Photography by banishs' partner". If not the photographer more often receives a credit line next to his photos. It just depends upon the publication how they choose to handle this. As for payment, if anything more than just a byline/publishing credit, some magazines will pay X $ amount for text and will pay separately for individual photo usage. Depending upon the number of photos used, it is possible the photography could earn more than the written text. This will all be summarized in the magazine's Editorial/Photo Guidelines.

Good luck! Jett

In Topic: Carol Grant has HUGE win!!!

16 February 2010 - 11:18 PM

Well done, Carol! Cheers, Jett