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Depth rating of a Z240?

14 October 2011 - 02:54 PM

Hi all,

I'm a total newbie to underwater SLR but have been doing above water SLR for years and underwater consumer video. I finally dropped a load of cash on an Aquatica with a D7000.

I got the Aquatica fitted with the 425 ft rated springs, but didn't really think hard enough about my strobes. My Inon Z240's are rated to 330 ft. Anyone know anyone who does deep wreck photography and has played with these below rated depth? Are there alternative strobes I should consider that might be more suitable?

My exposures to depths below 350 only occur a couple of times a year but I'd love to get them on film. My alternative is to take my tried and trusted Salvo 21W's down and amp up the ISO.