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In Topic: Nudibranchs & Sea Slugs of Bali

19 September 2016 - 10:15 PM

Great stuff as usual Dustin

In Topic: Back Button focus/Nikon D7100

16 September 2016 - 04:53 PM

Great info, one last thing to remember is to "save user settings" for your custom assignments.


Menu->Setup menu (wrench)-> Save user settings-> OK -> save to U1 (or U2)-> OK -> Save settings

Yes, good point, the BBF does not work in U1 or 2 without saving it first. 

Great advice, Mike - thanks


I've never been a big BBF user. My housing seems to let me hold the shutter (on a Nikon D800 but my old D300 was the same) with the focus locked by depressing the shutter release half way: the camera focusses and then is ready for release by pushing the shutter release slightly more.


I have never seen the advantage of BBF over that method. Am I missing something? 


Yes, it saves you from a sore thumb pushing and holding that button down hahaha.... 

In Topic: blurry fish shutter speed advice

16 September 2016 - 06:39 AM

Please post examples, can't really help without.  1/250 should be more than enough to freeze the action so seems a bit strange to be honest

In Topic: Back Button focus/Nikon D7100

16 September 2016 - 06:14 AM

HI Leah, it sounds like you have skipped one step in the process to setup BBF.  When you are pushing the shutter button, that is when the focus goes in and out?  To use the back button focus properly you want to turn off the ability of the shutter button to focus.  That way, you use the back button to focus to the point you want and you can then pull the shutter button at any time after that and the focus won't be affected.  Basically if something moves you can rock back and forth to bring things back into focus without having to focus again.  This is a godsend when shooting macro


I have the D7000 and the D7200 and they are a little different, one extra step with the D7200, I am not exactly sure with the D7100.


With the D7000 should be this:


Turn on your AF-C

Then go to Menu -> Custom Settings (the Pencil) ->Autofocus - AF-C and set it to Release

Then go to Menu -> Custom Settings (the Pencil) -> Controls -> Assign AE-L/AF-L Button ->AF-On


Then test your Shutter button, it should then no longer control Autofocus.


With the D7200

Same as above, however, also need to do  Custom Settings -> Autofocus -> AF Activation - AF-On Only

This last step turns off the Shutter button AF on the D7200


Key thing you need to figure out though is:  when you push the shutter button half way, is it doing Autofocus?  If so, then your back button focus won't work properly so one of the steps above needs to be done to allow it to work properly


Hope that makes sense

In Topic: Is this an identified speciesof pygmy octopus?

21 August 2016 - 11:52 PM

could also be the Algae Octopus