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Space Available Private Komodo Liveaboard July

21 February 2016 - 01:12 AM

We have just had a cancellation for our special trips to Komodo this coming July and are now offering the space publicly. The boat we have chartered is called The Wellenreng and it only has 3 cabins which makes this one very special trip to cruise around Komodo in style, with very few other people on the dives. If you are interested in what Komodo has to offer please get in touch soon. I have also copied our press release below, if you are interested please send us an email at info@underwatertribe.com Price is 3800 Euro plus 200 Euro Park and Harbour fees.


The dates for these two trips are 5 - 14 July and 15 - 24 July 2016. What makes these trips so special is that the boat hosts just 3 cabins, which means our group will have a maximum of only 6 guests! With such a small group we will be able to pick and choose the best sites at the best times to avoid the crowds and dive the sites at the most opportune times, rather than sticking to a set schedule like larger boats do. If we find a particular site is really hot for diving and photography, we will stay on the site all day if we want! The Wellenreng prides itself on fantastic personal service which is one of the reasons we have chosen to work with the vessel, combined with their intimate knowledge of the area and flexibility of schedule. Of course the Underwater Tribe also knows a lot about the Komodo area so we will personally discuss the diving plans each day with the crew to ensure we are at the right place at the right time. Mike or Luca will be on the boat to host and lead the trip; we will not be conducting a formal photo workshop, however we will certainly be on hand to help everyone with their photography needs and conduct evening presentations about underwater photography and Indonesia in general.

July is a great time to dive the area with a very good chance of encountering mantas, turtles, and sharks. Komodo is home to some of the most varied diving that Indonesia has to offer with a huge range of eco systems to visit such as beautiful hard coral reefs, manta ray cleaning stations, action packed pinnacle dives, and amazing black sand muck dives as well. The sheer variety of dives in the Komodo area is a great attraction for underwater photographers who enjoy a mix of both wide angle and macro subjects and is one of the reasons we visit there every year.

There is only one full cabin available for each of our two sailings so please get in contact with us ASAP if you would like to confirm your place on one of these very special trips. The cabin can be configured as either a twin or double so it’s perfect for either a couple or else two friends to share. There is also the possibility to join us on back to back trips to spend almost one month of diving in Komodo!

In addition to this trip we will be also running a special underwater photography warm up session in Bali.

Send us an inquiry at info@underwatertribe.com

Bryde's Whales in Raja Ampat

11 February 2016 - 01:24 AM

We were in Raja Ampat two weeks ago and were able to capture this aerial footage of a mother and baby Bryde's whale in the Dampier Strait area, amazing encounter, although it's not underwater it was pretty darn cool!


Raja 2015 Highlights

27 September 2015 - 10:34 PM

I have finally gotten around to editing a video together of an 8 day liveaboard trip that we, The Underwater Tribe, hosted aboard the Mermaid II liveaboard back in March 2015.  It was a very fun trip with superb conditions all around, especially in the Misool area where we enjoyed some of the best viz I have experienced in the area.




Last Minute Opening on Komodo Trip 25 Sept - 4 Oct

07 September 2015 - 07:18 PM

Unfortunately one of our guests has had to cancel his liveaboard trip in a few weeks time. The trip is Bima to Labuan Bajo from 25 Sept to 4 Oct of this year. The boat is the lovely Ambai with a top notch crew of professionals and great guides. The trip will be led by the Underwater Tribe and we will be offering informal photo chats and help throughout the trip. The lucky person who takes this spot will need to fly into Bali by 24 Sept and plan departure on the 5th of October or later. Komodo offers an absolutely brilliant mix of big stuff and little stuff and we will be hitting all of the top sites to witness schooling fish, turtles, cuttle fish, critter diving, beautiful reefs, and hopefully have some great encounters with mantas and maybe even dolphins!

Please PM me for more information, the spot is going for 2000 Euro plus park fees (and nitrox if desired). Or send us an email at info@underwatertribe.com

This is 375 Euro off the listed price so is a great deal.

Annoying Final Cut Pro Stutter

17 August 2015 - 07:22 AM

I use Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1 on my iMac 27with 24gb Ram 3.2 ghz i5 machine with plenty of gb on it. However I seem to have a very annoying glitch with FCP, what happens is that between every clip on the timeline i get almost a "reverse" or stutter at the beginning of each new clip.  If I cut a clip in half then I don't get this stutter, but between almost every new clip I get it.  I have attached a sample here, 3 clips with 2 stutters so obviously rendering and outputting doesn't get rid of it.  Anyone had anything similar?  How to get rid of it? 


Its almost like the count goes  1,2,3,4,5,4,5,6,7,8

Sooooo annoying