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Highlights of trip to Komodo with the Mermaid and Underwater Tribe

06 July 2015 - 05:23 AM

I have just returned from a great trip to Komodo with the Mermaid 1 liveaboard, a Bali/Komodo/Bali itinerary, 9 nights with 8 days of diving, 25 June to 4 July.  We were able to dive all of the hotspots in Komodo as well as the beautiful Angel Reef and others around Moyo and Satonda.  I have put together a brief highlights video of the trip, which were many!  the only thing missing is the Mola Mola at Manta Alley that I missed! I was the only one to miss it hahahaha.. oops.


Shot with a Nikon D7000, Aquatica housing, 10-17mm and 60mm lenses, Fisheye FIX 7000 lights.  Music by Audiomachine




Single Male Komodo Liveaboard Sept/Oct 2015

17 May 2015 - 09:59 PM

We have a new opening for a single male on our Komodo 2015 liveaboard trip on the MV Ambai from 25 Sept - 4 Oct 2015, a 9 night trip for only 2375 Euro (not including Park Fees)


For more information please visit our Underwater Tribe Komodo 2015 Page


This is an excellent price for a liveboard trip in one of the premiere locations in Indonesia featuring both Wide Angle and Macro photo opportunities.


Or please contact directly at info@underwatertribe.com

A Touch of Bali

17 May 2015 - 05:29 PM

I haven't posted a video on here in quite some time, so here is a short one of the beauty of Bali both above and below the water. Enjoy



Non Payment By Caters News Agency

22 April 2015 - 01:18 AM

After many emails and a complete lack of professionalism with Caters News Agency in the UK I now have to go public with this tale of ineptitude.  In May of 2014 I was contacted by Caters about a series of images that they wanted to distribute, I agreed and the images were made available to their distributors in June of 2014.  Once the royalties were paid over a span of a couple of months I asked to receive payment, here is the reply as of 28 Oct 2014:


Hello Mike, I hope you are well.
Thanks for getting in touch with me.
There is a sale from the Daily Telegraph online that I will get a royalty report sent out to you next week.
I will arrange payment via PayPal after that.
Kind regards



Of course after a couple of weeks no payment showed up and I contacted them again and received this on 3 Dec 2014


Hello Mike, I hope you are well.
I will add your due payments to my next payment run and will email you once they it has gone through.
Kind regards,



Another follow up on 29 January 2015


Hello Mike, I hope you are well.
I am sorry for the delay, we have recently migrated to a new accounts system which is taking longer than anticipated.
I will get it paid in the next coming weeks.
I will email you once it has been processed.
Kind regards,



Still nothing of course, then here is the last one I received from them on 23 March 2015


Hello Mike, I hope you are well.
I am sorry for the late response, I have only just returned to the office.
I will email you once the payment has been finalised.
Kind regards,



It's now 22 April, I have sent them numerous emails in the last month and am being completely ignored, no payments have ever been sent and none of the people who I have been emailing in accounts, as well as the original contact person at Caters, answers my emails.  As you can imagine this is EXTREMELY frustrating to have to chase what should be a professional company in such a way..


So a word or warning to everyone out there, be VERY wary of using Caters as a distributor of your images.  Not impressed in the least...