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In Topic: Ikelite Manta Strobes

02 December 2013 - 01:13 PM

sweet size !

sweet weight, I guess, as I couldn't find it.


What would be the way to use them with a 5dMk2 Ike housing, if any ?


In Topic: Does anyone see a problem with this setup? 5D3 Tokina 11-16 Ikelite Housing

10 October 2013 - 03:10 PM

Hi Graham,


not exactly what you've asked for, but I shoot with a 5dmk2 and a 10-17mm tokina, into an Ikelite housing.

The reasons of my choice :

- I don't shoot enough UW to go with a lighter and nice looking Aquatica or Nauticam. Also I'm not sure I'll make better images with an aluminum housing. But I can be wrong.

- choice of the Tok 10-17mm came from its availability to CFWA, shorter than the 15mm/2,8 I had before.

- The port is a 5' (very well)  homemade by Bill underwtarcamerastuff, which makes the setup lighter than with a 8' dome.

- so far, so good. I'm happy.

- as soon as I find a better setup I'll probably go for it, but I'm not searching. (maybe a sexy, small, 100D with housing (?) and lightweight pair of Inons.)

But today, I don't see the point to sell a kidney to afford it.

samples on my website.



In Topic: Intova Galaxy video light

03 October 2013 - 02:46 PM

don't know this model,

but I had enough bad experiences with Intova, for not giving it a new try.

I've watched the video linked, Joe seems to hard believe in his product,

I hate bashing brands and/or distributors, and so, I never do it, I just don't buy.

but with Intova, the joke is such unreal in term of quality and service, that I can't forget.

In one word : half the price, or less = true. But it does not deserve more

In Topic: Exposure settings for cave diving photography

15 September 2013 - 07:45 AM

thanks for your comment Alison.

Lee is right regarding strobes instead of video lights.

But I see 2 disadvantages :

you need 4 strobes : 2 triggered + 2 with you

and you get no clue of the potential shades created by the muuuuuultiples stalactites/stalagmites

Also, now,  a good set of twin heads video light cost a bit more than 1 good strobe.


Lee, thanks for your comments too.

I'm glad you like.

Just an opinion : knowledge of the cave, is not really a safety matter, considering if you are in there it's because you can, because you are trained for and/or well guided.

I think it's more a matter of going straight to the nice frame,  the nice rays of lights, and more generally : photographic considerations.

In Topic: Exposure settings for cave diving photography

14 September 2013 - 08:34 AM

Hi Alison,


from a recent trip to Mexico, here are some tricks I could experience, and happy to share :


- the dive must be dedicated to photography for the best results (in opposition to shoot while diving)

- a good, powerfull, wide angle video light carried by the model is important

- excellent knowledge of the cave gives the good angles, and avoid waste of time

- most of the times seting were 1/50 at f5, 800 iso, on a 5dMk2, with Tok 10-17mm

- strobes were at the minimum, sometimes turned-off, sometimes fired at distance. But I've never used the strobes at their max.



pano from 10 images :