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In Topic: NEX Macro Option?

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

One of the upsides to all mirrorless cameras is the ability to mount just about any manufactures lens to the camera body using the proper adapter and the excellent focus peaking on the Sony A7R II makes manual focusing much easer. The problem becomes support for these lens configurations in a housing. Nauticam included support for the Canon 100mm macro with the first A7 line of housings but as new Sony FE lenses are released support for non-Sony lenses may begin to go away. 

In Topic: Advice on Sony A7R2 lens set up

Yesterday, 06:34 AM

I have used both A7 II and A7R II with the 16-35mm FE F/4 zoom which uses the Nauticam 180mm optical glass dome and the 90mm macro with N100 macro 105 port. Both of these configurations are first class. Nauticam also recommends the 180mm port with extensions for the 24 to 70mm zoom and as a result a closeup lens would not be supported. Support for the 28mm F/2 with fisheye and W/A adapters also requires an extension and 180mm port. 

In Topic: Any experience with the Sony A72 or A7r2?

25 August 2015 - 09:06 AM

Nauticam NA-A7II housings now support both the A7 II and A7R II camera bodies. All housings going forward from serial number A151096 will have the upgrade to support the A7R II mode dial and past housings can be upgraded. I received my housing yesterday ‪#‎A151098‬ with the upgrade installed. Nothing about the housing has changed other than the mode dial upgrade. Photos attached.


My Sony A7 II/ Nauticam NA-A7II review should be posting on 1 Sept. in the Sept/Oct issue of uwpmag.com, this is a free PDF download.

In Topic: Looking for input on adding a viewfinder

19 August 2015 - 07:18 AM

Hi Deb, You should go to the reef photo.com web site and scroll through the Nauticam items. Past NA-housings for mirrorless cameras have used a replacement window to support the current 45 and 180 degree Nauticam viewfinders like the one you have for your Canon system. An E-M5 window and E-M1/EM-10 windows as well as Sony and Panasonic windows have been released in the past. For anyone interested I have the E-M5 and EM-1/EM-10 windows for sale PM. for info. These windows sold new for $240.00 and discouraged many because of overall cost, $240.00 plus the $990.00 for the 45 viewfinder. With the release of the NA-E-M5II housing a new window ships with the housing that will support the new Nauticam viewfinders for mirrorless housings, this new viewfinder is listed for $950.00. So $950.00 V. $1230.00 for the old system. This is an issue of you can't please all of the people all of the time and if you have the older DSLR style 45 finder you may need to replace it with the new finder. 


The E-M1 and 45 degree finder thread below in this form will give you a idea how it will look and the housing and provide further information.


I have extensively used both the E-M1 and E-M5II and still think the E-M1 is a better overall camera.

In Topic: Nauticam Na-EM1 and 45 degree viewfinder

19 August 2015 - 06:03 AM

I use the 45 degree finder for both macro and wide angle, it is excellent in macro for getting the lens low and on the same plain as the subject. I also review in the viewfinder and have the camera set to a one second review which is more than enough to see the histogram. I replace the 45 finder with the stock pickup finder for fast moving subjects like shark photography. The window has two O-rings, one that seals the window in place between the lucite and the housing, the other is installed from the inside of the housing to hold the window in place.