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In Topic: Olympus 60mm First time shooting - tips?

31 July 2015 - 05:15 AM

With a small sensor camera like the M43 cameras one of the big upsides for CMC is the fact that it puts more distance between the port and subject. It is also about 1/3 the depth of SubSee and SMC. SAGA also has a very complete line of closeup lenses which also work best with smaller sensor cameras ( from +5 to +25 diopters in strength).

In Topic: Sony E-mount cameras underwater

31 July 2015 - 05:09 AM

No not at this time. When I do a product review I usually try to stick to what the camera manufacture has in their lens line. 

In Topic: Olympus 60mm First time shooting - tips?

29 July 2015 - 01:34 PM

I use the 60mm macro lens set to 0.4m to 0.19 or life size (1:1), if I want to shoot beyond 0.4m I will be choosing another wider lens like the 12 to 40mm F/2.8 zoom. At 0.19 the image area captured is about 18mm on the long side and 17.3mm if you use the manual focus gear. The AF does not get all the way to 1:1 in most cases. 


If the original poster has never used a macro lens of this magnification underwater it will be an easer learning curve if you remain within this short working distance range, the lens will hunt less. Adding any closeup lens like Nauticam CMC for greater magnification before you are competent with the lens alone will only further frustration. With CMC image capture is about 9mm on the long side at less than 10mm to the subject. 


The Nauticam CMC-1 is designed for best results with M43 sensors and smaller like the one inch compact sensors. SMC is designed for full frame and APS-C sensor cameras and will preform better with those sensor sizes.


Olympus 60 macro is an excellent lens when used within its limits with best results at or below F/8. M43 sensors have huge DOF so macro at F/5.6 to F/8 will work quite well even with the CMC-1 where most subjects will have little depth at only 9mm in length.  

In Topic: Why Sony A6000 - didn't become the " main/most" importent camera...

29 July 2015 - 07:21 AM

Starfish, the Nauticam A-6000 housing has a control to pop up the flash in the event you forgot to do that before closing the housing and also to retrace the flash in the event you want to do that during the dive.


Wide angle is covered with the Ziess 12mm and the 10-18 F/4 both supported with ports. I was not all that impressed with the 16mm with fisheye converter and some feel that the Ziess macro offering is expensive V. the rest of the system. Regarding lens size v. M43 the lenses will always be bigger just as they are with mirrorless APS-C v. full frame mirrorless. The big difference is that the ports remain smaller v. DSLR ports, I.E. 180mm port on full frame for 16-35mm zoom v. 230mm port for same zoom range on full frame DSLR.


Sync speed of 1/160th is behind the curve compared to Olympus 1/320th and excellent lens line. 

In Topic: NEX Macro Option?

27 July 2015 - 06:20 AM

I think it has been well documented that AF speed both in S-AF and C-AF has improved with each new Alpha 7 release, AF is also only one aspect of a complete underwater system. I could argue that 5DIII and D800 do not have 5 axis image stabilization and EVF or that the A7 II with 16-35mm zoom has better corner sharpness with a 180mm port than the C/N 16-35mm lenses have with a 230mm port.  These features may be important to some and not to others, these are choices we each have to weight when investing in new equipment.