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In Topic: Alternatives to Bluefin Pro / XR500?

14 September 2009 - 01:23 PM

Solo_NZ - thanks for your input. I also just came across Lawrences comments on the same set up - I only wish I’d seen it before I purchased mine, as I am experiencing many of the same issues.

The OLED may be very clear, but with that screens color issues I'm not willing to throw any more money at it. The color matching on the LCD screen is also inconsistent with the LCD monitor.

The scrolling monitor back apparently happens when the camera's manual wheel is engaged, and the housing is shut down or the camera goes to sleep. There are two ways to make this go away.

-while the monitor is scrolling, push the manual button once to disengage the manual dial, then restart the housing.
-scroll through the monitor back menu once.

The telemacro option is ‘greyed out’ when the camera is in the housing.

Regardless, I’m very disappointed with both the housing & the camera, which is why I’m hoping for some alternative suggestions.

Joe - auto-focus is also unpredictable topside. I’ve reached the point where I am ‘done’ with the XR500, so I dont think I’d be any better off with it in the Gates housing! Initially I was after the Canon/Gates set-up, but the release date on the Gates keeps getting put further back. Whilst ultimately I’ll be using the set-up on a daily basis for customer DVD’s (I cant justify spending hours post production correcting colors), I’d hoped to have it for vacation in 2 weeks.

Has anyone tried the HF S10 and the XR500 - I’d be interested to hear their comparisons… Or should I go for something more basic/tried & tested with the theory that there is less to go wrong, & any bugs have already been resolved?!