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In Topic: Giant shark eats swimmer in False Bay, live on Twitter...

13 January 2010 - 02:09 AM

People in False Bay area are aware of the Sharks in the area. It is sad that a loved one is now lost but I guess it is a Risk and decision taken when you decide to share the waters with Sharks.
Thankgoodness Greatwhites are protected here in South Africa so there will not be a Shark hunt. They are beautiful creatures.

This is an isloted incident the last great white attack of this nature was on a 78 year old women in 2007. She was swiming about 50m off shore.

Thoughts and prayers to the family it is a horrible thing to happen.

Let this not be an attack on Sharks that kill only a few ppl a year. We don't walk around Kruger park with Lions @ the end of the day.