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In Topic: Wtb and sell Australia

16 February 2017 - 05:18 PM

Local is definitely cheaper but the market is smaller. There's a facebook group or two but they seem to be more focussed on dive gear or compact camera setups. Or just not very active.


Of course there's always Gumtree.

In Topic: Who shares on Instagram?

13 February 2017 - 03:50 PM

I started with Instagram last year but I've mostly given up on it because I can't post from my laptop. My instagram workflow was post to Facebook, save to mobile, post to Instagram. If there was an export out of Lightroom desktop option I'd give it another go. 

In Topic: And you think UW shooters are obsessed...

01 February 2017 - 07:53 PM

I've seen the doco before and thought it was great. The attitudes of the models/friends/other skiers mirrored very closely the feedback I get from my buddies/models/friends on a cave diving expedition  :)

In Topic: For Sale: 5D2 body, Aquatica housing, 8" domes and macro port

30 January 2017 - 03:55 AM

Price drop! Now looking at $3,700 AUD for the package plus international shipping if needed. Gear is in Melbourne, Australia. Individual component pricing in Australian dollars as follows:


Canon 5D2 body with battery, charger, 16gb card: $900 AUD

Aquatica housing with deep spring kit, two Nikonos bulkheads, hydrophone, handles with balls attached, spare kit with springs, o-rings and c-clips and leak detector: $1500 AUD

8" dome port with dome shade, port locking device and extension for 14mm lens, lightly scratched: $800 AUD

8" dome port with dome shade, heavily scratched (ok as long as you don't try and shoot into the sun, maybe some more polishing would help): $200 AUD

AF macro port with rear port cover and extension for 100mm lens: $550 AUD


Close up of the scratch on the lightly scratched dome:

Attached File  New dome 1 copy.jpg   817.56KB   4 downloads

In Topic: Strange Shutter Delay on DSLR???

08 January 2017 - 08:21 PM

One entertaining test is to put a little bit of o-ring grease on the internal side of the buttons in the housing. Then carefully insert camera, take it for a dive without pressing buttons, surface and very carefully remove. If one of your housing buttons is making contact, there will be a grease spot on the camera button. I used this test to identify that one of my housing levers had become misaligned and needed replacement.