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In Topic: RETRA Strobe Thread

18 March 2018 - 01:34 PM

I agree with Alex (because who wouldn't!) and while I struggled to pick it in side by side shots from different dives at the same site, I know my local dive sites and I prefer the photos with the retras. The retras gave me completely different (better) light quality from the first dive there, even with strobe positioning all wrong and backscatter through the shots. The colours are better and the hotspots/throw/eveness was nicer. 


Some of my negatives are teething issues that I will get used to. I just hope the reliability is there, because I've had a lot of problems with overheating Z240s and I'm hoping to move on from that. 

In Topic: New Inon Z330

18 March 2018 - 01:05 PM

Inon were not all that responsive to my melted tubes/capacitor, but that may have been the dealer intermediary and their communication. Repeated full dumps at 28 degrees with no burn out sounds like a great improvement. Typically I would lose the tubes on one out of my six Z240s on each week-long tropical cave diving trip. 

In Topic: Coral whip goby

16 March 2018 - 05:53 PM

Your first shot is my favourite - good eye contact and dynamic lines through the picture. I want to like the third one as I love the colours, but maybe it could be improved by angling the other way?


Great shots all three regardless, good focus.

In Topic: Best backpaak or hard case suggestions

16 March 2018 - 05:16 PM

I posted awhile back about using a backpack as carry-on to carry the camera fully assembled. In Australia they are in the nasty habit of weighing carry-on at the gate and roller bags get targeted. Temporarily sore shoulders and a smile like it only weighs 7kgs have saved me on multiple occasions.


I replaced the red bag in the thread pictures with one exactly the same dimensions in a different material from the same manufacturer. It's been crap - multiple holes after just a few months. Then I worked out that the housing fits in my new carry-on bag I bought for work. It's the Osprey Porter 46, which is carry-on dimensions if you don't overstuff it. It has padded sides and incredible build quality. I'm much happier with it as I feel the housing would have a fighting chance if I am every forced to check it. It weighed 16kg last week with Nauticam 5D4 housing & camera, 8" dome and 14mm lens, 2 x retras and arms, macro port and 100mm lens on the side, eneloops, a couple of dive computers and other odds and sods. Slid easily into the overhead on an ATR-72, and under the seat in front on a Dash 8.


I also carry on a "purse" with laptop, ipad, headphones, chargers, spare batteries that often weighs 5 to 10kg. I prefer it when they put the plane close to the gate (although it's good practise for staggering to the boat in full technical dive kit).

In Topic: Wetpixel strobe review

09 March 2018 - 02:18 AM

Hi Oskar,


Generally speaking I would commonly put fresh batteries in before a trip, where I may travel for 2-3 days before diving. I will now swap these out on arrival for freshly charged ones. In this instance I spent two weeks at work before travelling directly to the resort. I packed my camera at home where it stayed in the bag until I made it through work and onto the holiday.


I would be more worried about leaving used batteries in the strobes for the trip home, where the strobe may continue to drain them until the batteries are completely flat and unchargeable. Something to be aware of for sure.


I am having some reliability problems with one of my retras on this trip - I will see how it develops over the last two days and send you an email when I get home again.