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In Topic: Recommendations for Bali/Komodo Liveaboard Dive Operations??

24 January 2016 - 03:43 PM

I did Komodo in August on the Arenui. Beautiful boat and we had mantas. The islands were very brown and I got the feeling that it was normal for the area rather than seasonal. I found the domestic flights to be easy and stress-free.


My shots from the trip are here: http://lizrogersphot...com/tag/komodo/


The last article on that page has a video which is my underwater shots and cruise co-ordinator Eduardo's aerial drone shots.


I also saw a mola mola in Tulamben in Bali last Christmas. Unfortunately it was at 100m so this may not be useful information...but they are in the area all year round.

In Topic: Scratched dome ports

14 January 2016 - 05:07 PM

So I emailed Backscatter and Rob very helpfully told me that the Zen port itself doesn't change mounts. However there is an adaptor from the Aquatica mount to a Nauticam mount (my current thinking on new housing brand) for $240. So I guess I just keep polishing and hold off purchasing as long as possible, then buy another Aquatica dome when needed. If it's still in good nick when the new housing arrives, add $240 to the price to be able to use the old dome.


Next time I have a free weekend I will pull some time into constructing alternative dome covers. Meanwhile this weekend I am off doing sump diving exploration. Once the camera comes out of the caving pack it's almost guaranteed to pick up another few scratches. Here's hoping I get some pictures that make it worth the pain.

In Topic: Scratched dome ports

11 January 2016 - 12:59 PM

Has there been any further commercial progress on Wide Angle conversion ports like the one Alex Mustard was trialing.


That would tick all the boxes. Small profile, easy to cap and great optics.


Part of the reason why I'm seriously considering a Sony A7R and Nikonos 15mm wet contact lens for my next rig. Battery life and the fact that the thing is so frigging expensive are the two things holding me back. And if the tiny lens front did end up scratched, another 15mm lens is cheaper than a new dome port. This only works until the limited supply starts to run out though.



They use a handheld Velcro holder for the two grades of abrasive, 1000 and 2000 grit.  I usually spend about half an hour carefully and evenly cutting the surface to keep it round before pulling out the drill and supplied buffing wheel and polish.  You have to be really even or you'll flatspot the dome.  My small dome comes from Bare and I can send it in for a new bubble if it gets really dinged up.  He only makes them for Nexus, though, so I had to buy a Sea & Sea adapter for Nexus domes.


This is a good point - sandpaper by hand and then speed up the polishing process with the power tool. Given the dome will be going past 100m, I worry about impacting the depth rating with repeated polishings. Having a dome implode with a bang on one of those dives would be a brown pants moment.

In Topic: Suggested video editing software

10 January 2016 - 06:51 PM

I spent a lot of time searching for "iMovie equivalent for Windows" to try and find something for my Dad to use without much luck. I'd be interested to know what you discover.

In Topic: Scratched dome ports

10 January 2016 - 06:51 PM

If you are in the actual business of photography it pays to have the best port.  


Yes. As it stands, neither of my domes would be acceptable for commercial videography. For photography they are ok as long as there is no light pointing into the lens (i.e. fine in dark holes where all models have good lighting manners). Second-hand is a great market but the exchange rate AUD:USD is not great at the moment which is limiting my market.



If the scratches aren't too deep, the headlight repair kits with sandpaper do fine.  My friend took a razor to the top and bottom edges on his neoprene dome cover so it would go over more easily and stay on underwater.  He just cut a groove to slip over the shade rings.


Maybe it's time to try sandpaper instead of the Novus paste. I do like the orbital sander though - it made polishing heaps quicker! Not sure I'd be game to use it with sandpaper instead of the lambswool buffer.


I have already acquired a Nauticam dome cover which has the slits for the dome shade top and bottom and is slightly easier to put on. I like the idea of the terry-towelling. Ideally the dome cover would stay attached to the housing and could be secured so that it doesn't get in the way of photographs. Then I wouldn't have to worry about clipping it off or putting in a pocket. Maybe a secure attachment point on the top of the dome would make it easier to stretch the cover down over the dome...