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In Topic: Baggage Allowance in Indonesia

05 November 2015 - 11:28 AM

Worth noting that Garuda domestic no longer provides the additional sports baggage allowance of 20kg for free. They apparently stopped doing this in August which was a surprise to me in September. The process Elmer outlines is correct and very slow because both the checkin desk and then the payment desk will run calculations on total cost, and once paid you have to queue again for your boarding pass.


In a group of 8 divers we had 40kg each instead of the allowed 20kg. On the first domestic leg we were charged about $2.50 per kg extra. On the way home the cost was about a quarter of that for exactly the same bags. So either the weigh scales aren't working in Kupang, or smiling a lot brings down the charges (or both).


Don't frown or get angry - customer service people in Indo get upset and then everything gets harder. They always seem quite nervous about explaining that it's going to cost extra, so presumably some passengers must get stuck in. Lots of time and lots of smiles is the best bet.

In Topic: Sony A7 Nikonos 15mm Test Image

22 October 2015 - 06:10 PM

While I think I could justify to my Dad that I have borrowed it (given he hasn't used his Nik Vs in a few years), justifying sending it to the States might be a little harder. Your offer is otherwise excellent :-)

In Topic: Sony A7 Nikonos 15mm Test Image

22 October 2015 - 04:53 PM

Hmmmmmm. So when the A7 + Nikonos 15mm are considered against full frame DSLR for wide angle underwater...



Beautiful corners

Slightly smaller rig

Much smaller dome/lens on the front



Battery life

Manual focus only (not much of an issue on the 15mm)

Negatively buoyant?

The cost of change


I have to admit to being slightly conflicted on my next upgrade, and hoping that what Canon does with the 5D4 will give me an easy decision. Having a 15mm Nikonos lens kicking around doesn't help either!

In Topic: Z240 issue (stuck on low power in manual/full)

15 October 2015 - 02:40 PM

Good luck with your diagnosis - all of my Z240 problems have been intermittent except for the tubes burning out. In particular with the low power firing issues the strobes seem to work on the surface but not at 5m, or work at 5m for the first 10 minutes and then stop. Have you tried the S-TTL setting underwater? Sometimes that can reset things for the dive.

In Topic: Travelling with full SLR set up in hand luggage, Any issues?

08 October 2015 - 02:47 PM

Ha, Emirates. Can't book excess weight in advance and the per kilo cost to be paid at the airport is $60/kg for Australia to Europe. I had a ship a box of gear with DHL and hope the rebreather passed customs in Paris before I got there. DHL refused to take my Z-knife or my rechargeable eneloop double AA batteries. I actually prefer the low cost airlines who will let you book as much or as little luggage as you require. Or the very legacy airlines who still have that mythical beast called "sports allowance".


I've had two issues when travelling with a complete housing/camera/strobes rig assembled in a backpack. Once in KL when they hand searched the bag at the gate (fine) and then picked it up to transfer to the table behind them and nearly couldn't lift it. They called over an airline guy, I told him it was camera gear and he smiled and waved me through. And once on a domestic flight through Sydney when I was told the housing was very pointy/knobbly and could be used to injure someone. They let me through after I wrapped a jumper around it.


The hand luggage key is to remember that security staff and airline staff are worried about completely different things - dangerous and scary-looking stuff vs weight and size. Adjust your packing and disclosure for each stage of the airport transit accordingly (and always remember to smile).