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In Topic: Mounting ideas for a slave strobe?

15 December 2014 - 01:31 PM

Hmm, magnets - sounds interesting. What worries me is a strobe coming loose so that it's hanging by the cable alone. I usually clip them to a bit of cave line as well so they can't fall too far.


I have started using bungee straps placed on the tank in advance. For sidemount this means the diver can reach down and adjust the strobe from the top of the tank to the side as they pass through different areas. For backmounts it makes it a bit easier to mount the strobe in there while underwater. If you have enough strobes mounting one on each tank makes for great lighting behind the diver. A single strobe between backmounts (up the top) can work well for lighting, especially if it's angled slightly up and you instruct the diver to stick to the floor and keep their legs straight out behind for photos. Or place it right at the bottom between the boots to light the passage behind rather than overhead.


I was previously using duct tape for strobe mounting, added before the dive which sticks well when the tanks are dry but obviously isn't adjustable. I have also seen people taping/clamping strobe arms to tanks and then being able to adjust the strobe on the ball as they go.

In Topic: Archon video lights

11 July 2014 - 11:40 PM

That's the quality control surcharge :-) Hope you get good ones and look forward to seeing your footage.

In Topic: Archon video lights

08 July 2014 - 03:26 PM

Have a chat with John Macmillan, he's the Aussie distributor. His website is here: http://archondivinglights.com.au/ He has a very short clip of mine on there showing the lighting coverage/brightness of the one I ended up buying.

In Topic: Archon video lights

06 July 2014 - 08:27 PM

I have two W38vr (previous model, twist on/off). The one I used before I purchased flooded on the dive and was replaced by the manufacturer (it wasn't mine). I suspect quality control is not tops...but buy from a dealer with good customer service and you should have no problems. Certainly my two have been beaten and smashed around in the caves and are working fine despite being scratched up. I bought them specifically for being small and light with long burn times for dry caving trips and sump diving and they fit the bill perfectly. Good weight for travel too.

In Topic: Z240 erratic behavior after 3 year - expectable?

01 July 2014 - 09:19 PM

Yes, mine have become extremely unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't with low power flashes or refusing to fire at all. Mine are all wired electrically. I bought 2 new in 2010, then 1 secondhand and 1 new in 2012. I had two overhauled by the dealer in late 2012, he replaced the guts of them. I also have one on loan, so when something is playing up I just switch strobes between dives.


None have ever flooded. One contributing factor has been overheating in warm water. I am using eneloops but even so repeated firing in the tropics has damaged the internals. The dealer reported slightly melted capacitors on the two repair jobs. I noticed at the time that the flash tubes were starting to brown so it may be worth inspecting yours for similar early warning signs.


I'm disappointed in the brand, but I don't see a better option as I'm not prepared to lump the ikelites around. Maybe the S&Ss instead once these are a little more roadtested. Switching is going to be a pain for me, so I will likely soldier on and hope the replacement I have just purchased lasts a little longer.