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In Topic: Diving Truk

12 May 2018 - 02:43 PM

For photography I would go land based. Liveaboards will put the whole boat on the wreck of the day and make it hard to avoid other divers and their silt/bubbles through your photos. I dived with Blue Lagoon and appreciated the option of having just myself and two or three buddies on a boat. 15 to 25 minute run to most wrecks. We could pick our own wreck and not worry about crowds. One day we had a liveaboard drop a dozen divers halfway through our dive and the rest of the photos were a write-off as the engine room rapidly became zero vis.


Blue Lagoon was also tech and camera friendly which was nice.

In Topic: Packing for Travel

29 April 2018 - 02:20 PM

Pick an airline that has reasonable charges for the extra bag(s) you will need. Then decide whether you love your camera rig or your breather more - whichever one wins gets to go as hand luggage. Hard case the other, check it in, and give yourself an extra day at the destination before you plan to start diving so the bags have time to catch you if they get lost.


For reference I normally put the revo in a dive tub with the bailout regs and other small and delicate items wedged down the side wrapped in my undersuit. Second bag for drysuit, fins, lights, clothes and whatever didn't fit in the tub or doesn't need a hard case. Then camera rig fully constructed in a carryon backpack, and a shoulder "purse" with laptop, batteries and other electronics. Be nice to the check in agents and get the credit card ready to pay excess fees if they start getting excited about the weight. Make a "uff" noise when you lift your checked bag onto the scale, to give the impression that the backpack you're carrying doesn't weigh as much as the tub. If it looks like they are routinely weighing carryon at the checkin desk, get someone else to mind your backpack while you checkin (or go the pockets as per the above).


Good luck!

In Topic: Second Trip to Triton Bay !

16 April 2018 - 06:17 PM

Very nice! Love your split shots, especially the last one. What lens are you using for wide angle?

In Topic: Best place for a day's diving on the Melbourne-Sydney route

15 April 2018 - 06:33 PM

The weather's starting to get a bit average so I would pick your timing based on when the sea is flat during your visit. The boat diving along the Victorian coast in particular is very weather dependent - you want northerly winds for best conditions. There are no boat ramps along most of the Great Ocean Road because of the cliffs and the incoming Southern Ocean with nowhere to hide. One exception is the boat diving out of Melbourne (really Portsea/Queencliff) where you can dive various sites along Lonsdale Wall on slack water in most wind/swell conditions. The wall is beautiful - lots of sponge life and reef fish with big dropoffs down to 100m. Check out Red Boats for charter schedules. You might like to consider snorkelling with the seals in Port Phillip Bay as well as they are good fun.


Melbourne shore diving is all about the piers - Blairgowrie Yacht Club, Rye Pier and Flinders Pier are good. Flinders on the end of a low tide/start of the incoming tide will only be about 2m deep so would be suitable for snorkelling and there are weedy seadragons there. 


If you are driving the (much longer) coastal route to Sydney there are a couple of scuttled tugboat wreck dives at Eden. And then the diving at Jervis Bay is excellent.

In Topic: RETRA Strobe Thread

18 March 2018 - 01:34 PM

I agree with Alex (because who wouldn't!) and while I struggled to pick it in side by side shots from different dives at the same site, I know my local dive sites and I prefer the photos with the retras. The retras gave me completely different (better) light quality from the first dive there, even with strobe positioning all wrong and backscatter through the shots. The colours are better and the hotspots/throw/eveness was nicer. 


Some of my negatives are teething issues that I will get used to. I just hope the reliability is there, because I've had a lot of problems with overheating Z240s and I'm hoping to move on from that.