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For Sale: 5D2 body, Aquatica housing, 8" domes and macro port

27 November 2016 - 02:24 AM

I've bought a new rig and it's time for the old one to go to a loving home where it will be used. My 5D2 camera and housing have been to lots of exciting places - 6kms into an underwater cave, 120m deep on a shipwreck, on dive trips to half of South East Asia, and underwater around home most weekends. It's taken photos published in Nat Geo, international newspapers and a few first prize, dive trip winning shots. It has a well-earned set of cosmetic scratches on the outside of what has been an incredibly robust housing. This rig will go where you need to go and bring home the shot. All of the photos on my website were taken with this setup except for this week's photo.

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Everything you need to get up and running with full frame photos and HD video is included, except a lens and a strobes/lights setup. The port extensions are suitable for use with Canon 14mm, Canon 100mm, and I believe the Canon 20mm/24mm lenses which I haven't used. The package contains:


Canon 5D2 body with battery, 16gb card

Aquatica housing with two Nikonos bulkheads, hydrophone (cable blu-tacked out of the way), handles with balls attached for putting strobe arms on and leak detector

8" dome port with dome shade, port locking device and extension for 14mm lens, lightly scratched

8" dome port with dome shade, heavily scratched (ok as long as you don't try and shoot into the sun, maybe some more polishing would help)

AF macro port with rear port cover and extension for 100mm lens

Neoprene covers for dome and macro ports

Spares: o-ring kit, o-ring grease, allen key for getting the dome shade off, deep spring kit and a spare pass through bulkhead that I bought and haven't used


The housing has a deep spring kit partially installed - I discovered that some buttons don't require deep springs and changed them back to regular ones. The housing is fully functional to 120m as that's where I took it in September. I have all of the springs and a bunch of spare c-clips. I am happy to reinstall the original springs if you would prefer, or will provide them so you can DIY as required. The nikonos bulkheads were replaced 18 months ago after the first round of pins corroded and should be good for another 5 years or so. 


Total price $4,200 AUD (this is about $3,200 USD at the moment) with free shipping in Australia. I'm in Melbourne if you would like to inspect/pick up the housing in person. International buyers pay shipping.


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Scratched dome ports

09 January 2016 - 04:04 PM

A lot of my diving involves swimming through small spaces in the dark and I realised early on I was going to have a problem with keeping my dome port scratch-free. I chose an 8" acrylic dome port for my Aquatica because it was big enough for my rectilinear 14mm lens, small enough to fit through holes, and light enough to carry around. Easier to buff out and cheaper to replace were also considerations.


After I got my first scratch I went and bought some acrylic polishing paste and polished it mostly out. Dive and repeat...after two years I gave up and bought a second dome port. The idea was to use the pre-scratched one for the difficult dives but since those were the ones I wanted the best photos from, it didn't really work and the second one rapidly ended up scratched. Before Xmas I tried this:

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Then I went to Truk Lagoon and scratched it again. 




My 5DII is now 6.5 years old and in the next 18 months or so I am looking to replace it. I'm unlikely to stay with an Aquatica housing for the new camera as I haven't been happy with its performance below 60m. Buying a third Aquatica 8" dome port now seems silly. 


Other options:

1. A glass Aquatica 9.25" port. Drawbacks - bigger, heavier in and out of the water, expensive. Pros - harder to scratch?? Cons - impossible to polish.

2. A non-Aquatica port for forwards compatibility. I couldn't work out whether some of the Zen options can be swapped between different housing brands, and if so, whether adaptors are required.

3. A better dome cover system. My current neoprene cover comes with me on dives but requires two and a half hands to put it on the dome, so I usually leave it off for the whole dive. A cover system that flicked on and off with one hand would be great. Is there anything out there?

4. Polish the least-damaged port again and deal with it...does anyone know how much acrylic you can remove before the depth rating starts to suffer?


What would you do?