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Deep spring kit installed

09 December 2014 - 01:22 PM

With 30 knot winds around here this weekend, I had a productive few hours installing the deep spring kit on my Aquatica housing instead. I'm off to do my MOD3 course on my rEvo at Christmas, so the housing will definitely be going past 60m. Given my caving and cave diving activities I expected a bit of dirt in the buttons as I removed them. What I found was a lot of dirt! I was surprised and impressed to see the amount of grit built up in the spring and how well it was all staying on the outside of the two year old o-rings. I haven't had any button leaks to date.


Hopefully the replacement springs and o-rings are going to stay just as dry as the old ones. And hopefully they're going to work well down in the depths....any advice or experiences appreciated.


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Cave diving, rebreathers & restrictions

03 May 2014 - 05:02 PM

I was out in the Nullarbor caves over Easter, shooting for a client. Once we were done with work my buddy and I headed off to a different cave to get a few dives in. The video from one dive is below. It was half shot with my Canon 5DII, half with my buddy's GoPro. He's the diver in black, I'm the diver in yellow. If I'm in the shot without the camera, my buddy is getting to grips with his first go at a dSLR. He had a good crack at keeping it steady!


Olwolgin Cave is characterised by stunning rock formations and haloclines in the water, so I needed to shoot through water that hadn't been swum through yet. Most of the shots are pushing the camera forward slightly to prevent the fuzzy water from enveloping the dome port. 



Here are a couple of shots taken of the same cave system, both on the breathers and on the subsequent dive in sidemounts. You can see the stirred-up halocline water under my knees in the first shot.

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