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#35663 Nikon D70 with Sea&Sea DX70

Posted by gadip on 19 June 2004 - 10:40 AM

I just came back from Underwater Photo-Tech and for my surprise they had the new DX70 in stock. I can tell you, I have a smile all around my face :) like a child.

I got the following:

DX-70 Housing for Nikon D70 (06112)
NX 90 Ext Ring 40 (56111)
NX 90 Fisheye Dome Port (56401)
AF-S DX zoom Nikkor ED 12-24 (31107) and Im going to use it with 18-70mm (kit lens) it looks like it fit well.
Dome Port Cover

I wonder if anyone can give me any recommendation on the Lens Filter? I got the BW +2 do you think it is enough? I saw that people wrote to use +4 on Ikelite housing, any idea?

Im going to use the SB105 (I got it from the Nikonos).

Im flight on Thursday for three weeks in the Red Sea, and I will hate to see that I missing something there . So if anyone can go over the list and tell me that I am all set appreciate very much.

If you looking for a store to buy Im super recommend on Underwater Photo- Tech in NH they did great work for me, I am very happy.

Gadi Porat