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Nikon d70, 18-70mm lens and Ikelite housing system for sale

22 August 2008 - 12:43 PM

Nikon D70 System for sale. This system has served me well over the years but I am upgrading to a D300. I have the following items for sale as a complete system. Just add strobe and water (outside the housing) and you are on your way. All of the underwater photos on my website were taken with this camera and housing but using various lenses. All of the underwater photos in Cocos were taken with the 18-70 lens but with my D70s body. I am keeping the d70s body at this time but the D70 body is included. My website is http://www.bkuner.com. Click on Galleries and Trips to locate the underwater photos.

Nikon D70 body with latest firmware v2.0
o Body Cap
o USB Cable
o Video Cable
o SanDisk Ultra II 1.0GB Compact Flash card
o SanDisk Extreme 256MB Compact flash card
o Nikon EN-EL3 battery
o Spare third party battery
o Nikon MH-18 Quick Charger
o Nikon MS-D70 CR2 Lithium Battery Holder
o D70 English and Spanish manuals
o D70 Quick Start Guide
o Nikon Picture Project 1.5
o Nikon Neck Strap

Nikon 18-70 1:35-4.5G ED lens
o Front and rear lens caps
o Nikon HB-32 lens hood
o Nikon 18-70 lens pouch
o Nikon lens manual
o Tiffen 67mm UV Protector
o Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarizer
o Tiffen 67mm 812 warming filter
o Tiffen filter holder

Ikelite D70 SLR underwater housing
o 1 new D70 housing o-ring
o 4 tubes Ikelite o-ring Silicone Lube
o Ikelite #5503.55 Dome Port for 18-70 lens
o Ikelite Neoprene port cover
o Ikelite Zoom Clamp for 18-70 lens
o 67mm Hoya diopter Kit +1, +2, +4 (+4 needed for 18-70mm lens use in housing)
o 1 new port o-ring
o Ikelite D70 manual
o Ikelite SLR Port manual

Contact Information

Brian Kuner
e-mail - brian+d70@bkuner.com