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In Topic: Comparing large domes for FX

06 June 2016 - 10:47 PM

Just as important is positioning the dome correctly.  A big dome, slighting too far from or too close to the lens will perform worse than smaller dome.


The Zen 230 as my dome of choice with this lens. 




The problem is to find out what the optimum extension is. Especially when you mix brands, it is an issue. I just bought a used Sea&Sea FE-dome (S&S 56401) to use with the 16-35 on my Nauticam housing. I asked Nauticam what the correct extension should be, but they didn't responded at all.


At the store we compared the Nauticam 8,5" dome and it appears very similar to the Sea&Sea, so we decided to use the same extension as Nauticam recommends with the 8,5" dome.


I have not tried it in the water yet. 

In Topic: Long exposure time/night dive/painting with light

18 May 2016 - 11:14 PM

Little bump on this thread:


On the 30s exposures issue. While uw it would be great to have an interval mode so to continuously take exposures so that you don't need to swim back to the camera each time, wouldn't it?


That is not nessecary. Most SLR's you can set on interval timer shooting and let it fire away as long as you want.