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In Topic: Canon G10 and WP-Dc28 housing-neewbie !!

21 September 2009 - 03:40 PM

I have the G10 with the Canon WP-DC28 housing - just got back from a spearfishing/open water dive trip in Cozumel MX.

The camera and housing performed seamlessly . . . no flooding. I shot in RAW (thankfully) and by manipulating (mostly darkening) the images, I was able to take bland pictures and make something decent out of it. Shot in TV mode 1/100th and set the ISO to 100 with the flash on (no strobe).

So, whats next? How do I take what I consider to be sub-par (most people who dont know anything about photography are in awe over the images) - I on the other hand (after seeing what others are doing with the same set up) am looking to better my images as I feel there is much room for improvement.

Additionally, there seems to be a long time gap in focusing, getting the flash ready to fire and the shutter to activate - only in certain instances (as this was sporadic). Unfortunately for me, I had the opportunity to take a picture of a 10-12ft shark headed my direction, due to the delay, I only got the before (which is when the shark was in the cove) and the after (shark swimming away). Maybe this is normal of a P&S, as I am spoiled rotten when I shoot with my 40D DSLR

Newbie looking for advice/direction.