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In Topic: Special d-ring for ScubaPro cam bands?

13 February 2016 - 08:11 PM



I'm in Maui, sitting back between dive days, killing time, what a better place to spend time (wetpixel).

I know this is an old post, but looking at the D ring, I would have to wonder how it was manufactured.  If I needed the same one, I'd probably make it in two pieces of stainless steel and then weld the two pieces together, I can't imagine putting the pieces together then doing the final bends into the tube.


BTW, had a chance to attend one of your seminars a few years ago, you have improved my lighting and reduced backscatter. 


I've been a diver since the 60's and have machine shop skills, have built housings, etc.  I just modified an Ikelite housing made for a Canon 7D into one that would accept a 7D mII, Ikelite said it wouldn't work, never give up.



In Topic: Can the Canon 7D fit in the new Ikelite Housing for the 7D MkII

13 February 2016 - 04:19 PM

I realized that I made my reply in the wrong post, but it is still relevant.  My other post is at http://wetpixel.com/...e=2#entry370409


Although I've not tried putting a 7d cam into a 7d m2 housing, I think it would work making the same control modulations.  The nice thing about the control I made that flips the mirror is that my part is adjustable and the ikelite part is not.  My part would work in both housings.  The control that turns the function knob would probably have to be replaced with a new one as the part that depresses the lock button may prevent the control from pressing deep enough to rotate the knob.  It is not a difficult control to duplicate.  The on-off control was fairly critical, may require modification.


The only way I can give a straight answer would be to have the new housing and the 7d in my hands.  7d bodies I have.


I am diving in Maui at this time, I've had a couple problems with my camera, but they have nothing to do with the control modifications.  One suggestion, the camera when shooting video, uses more power, so be sure and change batteries often.



In Topic: Canon 7D Mk II compatibility with existing 7D housings?

13 February 2016 - 12:27 PM

My latest update on the 7d housing with modifications to work with a 7d mk2 camera:  Diving with Lahaina Divers, Maui.


The 7d housing with the mk2 cam has been on several dives now.  I've had two issues not related to the housing combination. 


The two stainless steel screws holding the frame to the camera came loose, one screw fell out into the camera dunk tank on the boat.  We found the screw less the washer and was able to get it back into the threaded hole.  Once I got to the bottom, I used my knife to tighten the screws, as we were ready to go into the water and I had no time to get into details.


I haven't shot much video with this camera and didn't realize it used a lot more battery power than just shooting stills, so I didn't charge the battery from the previous day's dive.  I finished my first dive, worked ok, on my second dive, battery died, but the good news, I didn't miss any shots.  I think live view uses more battery power, so I shouldn't use that mode unless actually shooting video.


The only problem dealing with the control mods, the control that depresses the center lock button of the function knob needs to be adjusted.  It needs to apply more pressure to the button, most of the time it was OK but wouldn't always release the lock to change modes.  I installed a nylon screw, need to back it out a tiny bit.


Sorry Ikelite, I would have loved to buy another $1800 housing but it just wasn't worth it, a lot easier to fabricate three new controls, made them from scratch, did not buy the oem controls from them, mine were better.


I've heard rumor the 5d has the same layout as the 7d mk2, if that's the case, a 7d housing would work too.


I will keep you posted on any changes, and finally, when my photos are complete, I will post the location.



In Topic: Canon 7D Mk II compatibility with existing 7D housings?

31 January 2016 - 09:48 PM

I know this thread is kind of old, but I'd like to bring it up to date.  Yes, the 7D housing will work with the 7D MkII with minor limitations.  Check my other post at: http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=55360


I posted some photos of the new controls on my other post. 


One step at a time I was able to make modifications on my Ikelite 7D housing to allow it to work with a 7D MkII.  I got no cooperation from Ikelite, so I was on my own.  The Q button is not reachable, but most all other functions work.  Rather than modifying the housing itself, since I still have some 7D bodies besides my 7D MkII, I made new control shafts, so if I need to switch the housing over, no problem.  I made a new on-off control, since the original one was marginal at reaching the on-off switch.  I made a new control shaft for the AF selection lever.  I modified the left-top function knob control.  I drilled and tapped a hole in the center, where I inserted a nylon screw, which depresses the center unlock button.  I machined a little off the shoulder of the same control to give it a little more in and out range.  I removed the plastic spacer washer from the quick control dial on the rear.  I had to add one of the longer plastic control feed, or whatever you call them on the play button, and perhaps the delete button.  I removed the black nylon screw from the bottom of the camera tray and replaced it with a longer screw, just to make the camera a little more rigid in the housing.  There are a number of tiny differences between the two cameras, and some of the existing controls just wouldn't quite reach properly.


I also want to mention, not a single modification was made on the housing itself, two controls were modified and two controls fabricated, so the housing is still 100% compatible with the 7D camera.


I'm about to take the camera and housing to Maui in a couple weeks and will give it a try.  I will always have my 7D as a backup.  So far, out of water, all of the controls are working.  To mention though, there are some functions that will not work, the Q button and the Lock lever on the bottom right of the camera, not a big deal.  For a few hours of labor, saved me $1800.00.


The reason I went to the 7D MkII is because of the focus in video mode.  I was trying to get away from carrying two cameras, my Canon GL2 and my 30D, so I then went to the 7D but to discover how critical the focus was.  I had to stop shooting, re-focus, then continue on, a pain.  This camera should cure that problem.


It helps to have a machine shop, over 40 years ago, I built my first movie camera housing, so making these modifications was not a big deal.


Jim    emptech at surewest.net

In Topic: Can the Canon 7D fit in the new Ikelite Housing for the 7D MkII

23 January 2016 - 08:36 PM

Another update:


I began the transformation.  I have found three items that needed to be fixed in order to use the controls: on-off switch, left-top function knob, and the AF selection lever, which flips the mirror and goes to video mode.


I purchased a foot of 303 stainless steel precision ground rod.  The first part, the most critical, a two inch rod with an L-shaped lever attached to one end that actuates the selection lever.  I chose not to modify the original as it can still be used for when I wish to return the housing back to a 7D. 


I read where the power on-off shaft was not long enough to reach the power switch.  Adding washers won't help, the screw is too short and they used red locktite.  Actually, it depends on how tight the camera is attached to the base plate, but so that isn't an issue, the shaft needs to be longer.  I fabricated a new on-off shaft with a new lever to actuate the on-off switch.  


Because the function knob has to depress the center unlock button, the existing shaft was modified.  It was actually easier to modify the shaft, and it can still be used with the 7D camera, just remove the nylon screw.  Two plastic spacer washers were removed to give the shaft some in and out range, the shaft was threaded and a nylon screw added, it will depress the button.


I love a challenge, it is well worth my time to fabricate these parts, as Canon will not sell them, in fact, my design is slightly different than theirs.


My replacement parts make no modification to the camera housing at all.  The only control I am not making access to is the Q button,  would be nice, but we can live without it.  If Canon would sell the push-buttons, which they will not, it wouldn't be any trouble at all to add the Q button.  I could machine a new button but it isn't worth my time.


I attached photos, sorry, somewhat out of focus, it was difficult holding a flashlight and the camera at the same time.


Jim in Carmichael, CA