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#377688 My First Video with The 7D

Posted by emptech on 08 October 2016 - 10:00 PM

I ended up going to a 7D MkII, solves the focus issue, but believe it or not, the focus motor makes a small noise that gets picked up by the camera's microphone, had to edit out the "noise."  The video from the 7D MkII is better because of the focus issue.



#368772 Can the Canon 7D fit in the new Ikelite Housing for the 7D MkII

Posted by emptech on 31 December 2015 - 12:30 AM

Going from a real video camera to a 7D, I missed the autofocus when shooting video, so I went back and forth with Ikelite, asking about using a 7D MKII in a 7D housing,  The answers I got were NO, the controls are in different places.  I had to see for myself, so I put the two cameras side by side.  Mounting a 7D MkII inside my 7D ikelite housing, I see only two issues, the new button on the left top knob that sets M, B, Av, etc. that keeps the knob locked needs to get accessed, if you wish to turn the knob.  Second, the rotary knob that locks the mirror up doesn't reach correctly because they moved the control (start-stop) higher up on the camera a tiny bit.


Two mods, a spacer on top of the release button, most likely stuck to the blunt end of the control shaft, and the 1/8" SS rod that flips the mirror lever needs to be shortened.  If the plastic bumper was taken off, it would work, but it would scratch the camera.  My plan is to replace the shaft, cut the 1/8 rod shorter and put the plastic bumper back on.  I do not want to make any permanent modifications to the housing, as I still have two 7D bodies besides the 7D MkII I have.  So it appears that by changing one part and putting a spacer on the other, the housing will work.


Ikelite sells the parts, my plan is to buy the control rod for the 7D MkII model (6871.08) and install it in the housing. 


We agree that there will be some functions that will not work on the camera but I can live with that, the auto focus for video is nice.


I don't see why another gland couldn't be added to the 7D housing to reach the Q button.  Is that button all that important?  The biggest issue is locking the plate down on the milling machine table


I'm sure Ikelite doesn't like this idea and if they knew what I'm going to do, would probably refuse to sell me the parts.


I asked once if they would sell a new back to the housing, they would not sell it, without exchanging the original back.  I originally considered machining a new back plate.


I didn't see where anybody else responded on their conversions and how they worked out.  I would love to hear how their mods worked out.