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30D, DS125,160 not synching in Ikelite housing

27 August 2010 - 10:34 AM

I like to use aperture preferred on the 30D for various reasons, mainly depth of
field and sharpness. Setting the cam for iso 800, using Ikelite DS160 and DS125,
strobes go off but the photos appear to have been taken with available light. I
took a photo into a mirror and see that both strobes are lit up.

I switched to shutter preferred, 1/200 sec, tried it again, and it works fine. I like
f22 and according to the tables, should be good for about four feet, and my shots
were well within that distance. I didn't try different f stops than 22.

With aperture preferred, the shutter speeds are quite slow, 1/50, 1/80, 1/100, etc,
resulting in blurred subjects, so the camera knows it didn't see the strobe.

I had this problem a couple years ago and can't remember how I solved it.

For now, I'll just choose shutter preferred.

I'm at Kona, Hawaii, diving on my third day here, first day, memory card errors,
changed memory card, should never have used a new memory card!

Second day, the flash problems, hopefully today I'll get some bugs out. Not new
to this, used Nikonos cams for years with strobes. Been using the 30D with a single
DS125 strobe but just added a DS160.


Canon 30D Ikelite housing to accept 5D

27 July 2010 - 04:19 PM

I currently have a Canon 30D in an Ikelite housing, don't know the model number right off,
am considering using a different camera, like a 5D. The back of the 5D and 30D are not
exactly the same but very close. Does anybody know just how close the controls would be
if I put a 5D in the 30D housing? I can purchase additional controls from Ikelite, if I need
more controls. Modifying the housing is not a problem, have a machine shop.

Anybody considered this? Ikelite will not sell only a back to a housing.