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Advice needed for Subal ND800 and lens port combo

20 July 2014 - 01:30 PM

I recently purchased a used Subal ND800 housing for use with my D800e. I have been shooting a D3x in a Subal ND3 housing. I have the Zen 230 dome and the Subal DP-FE4.


Recommendations for:


Nikon 16-35 still the Zen 230 with 2+ Diopter on D800?


Sigma 15mm  Zen 230? Subal DP-FE4? 


Tokina 10-17 shot at 16mm, Zen 230? Subal DP-FE4?


I appreciate the feedback, based on posts here the Sigma 15 seems to be a bit more popular than the Nikon 16.